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Birther leader Orly Taitz implodes on MSNBC

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And it may not even be because of the outcry directed at Lou Dobbs for giving the birther crowd an air of legitimacy. And no matter how many high-profile conservatives criticize the group questioning Obama’s citizenry, it hasn’t slowed them down.
After all, Ann Coulter won’t give them any support. She’s calling ‘em “cranks”. Don’t look to FOX News host Bill O’Reilly. He doesn’t care. Further, he compares them to 9/11 conspiracists. Michelle Malkin has no time for it.
But it keeps growing. Like a mutation. In fact, it went into overdrive this weekend with the release of a supposedly newly found alleged bith certificate showing President Obama’s birthplace to be Mombasa, Kenya.
So what might be that illustrious tipping point today? An inside job. An implosion. A self-cratering. Whatever you want to call it, it wasn’t pretty. But, strangely, you can’t look away.
The circus began when Orly Taitz, a longtime chieftain of the birther posse (and a dentist), appeared with MSNBC host David Shuster this afternoon to discuss the document.
Shuster, who is no friend to the right, was actually pretty gentle with his guest seeming to be aware that he really didn’t need to do much — at all — to precipitate the train wreck. It was like he was a super-gifted weatherman who accurately predicted a 100 percent chance of meltdown.
No need to antagonize, belittle, or bully to get a reaction. Shuster instead relied on an even more sinister media trick — he asked a question.
All he wanted to know was if President Obama was born elsewhere why were there birth announcements in both Honolulu newspapers. “How could these birth certificates have been fabricated 48 years before President Obama possibly took office? How would they have that foresight to know that?” he asked.
It’s a fair question. And someone who has the facts on her side should be able to answer that question easily.
Taitz began her answer by asking Shuster how much time she had to respond, explaining that she had a bad experience with CNN’s Kitty Pilgrim who said “a lot of lies” and didn’t give her an opportunity to respond.
Shuster said if she would just answer the question they would give her plenty of time to respond. (Pilgrim, be damned!)
Already appearing to be worn out, Taitz took a breath and began explaining that all you needed in Hawaii for a birth announcement was a statement by a relative and that’s why they were demanding the original birth certificate.
“What would be the motivation?” Shuster asked, stepping on Taitz. “What would be the motivation for Barack Obama’s family…”
“Give me an opportunity to answer,” Taitz said, stepping on Shuster. “If you could show some decency and integrity as a journalist to give me an opportunity to respond.”
“OK. You can talk about integrity and discipline. Go for it,” Shuster replied, while stepping on Taitz. (OK, he was a bit surly there).
“A parent could just fill out a form and lied,” Taitz said (stepping on Shuster). “If Obama was born in Kenya and the mother wanted to lie — she didn’t want to go through immigration, she didn’t want to pay an immigration attorney, she would fill out the form and say ‘my son was born in Honolulu’ and mail it to the health department…”
“Just to be clear, your allegation here is that Barack Obama’s mother was somehow motivated to lie …”
“Let me finish!”
“You don’t let me finish! No I don’t. You are unable to listen!”
Believe it or not, it went downhill from here. Jerry Springer show comes to mind. Although no chairs were thrown, Taitz accused Shuster of being one of Obama’s “Brownshirts” in the media.
Offended, Shuster asked Taitz if she refused a cab ride to the NBC studios because the driver had a Muslim-sounding name. She denied the accusation.
Meanwhile, she said she had a problem with another MSNBC host. This host was then piped in via a split screen and they talked on top of each other until Taitz was eventually thrown off the show (or they just cut off the feed).
We’ve included the video below. As the Chicago Tribune’s Mark Silva said: Fasten your seatbelts.

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Comment by Dennis Ellis
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Judging by this article, and what was actually in the video, I've come to the conclusion that Thomas Costanzo is an obvious shill for the Democrat Party. This article is not only inaccurate, but dishonest. These so-called reporters approached the story in an unprofessional, insulting, condescending manner instead of taking a neutral stance and getting all sides out. Since when did it become professional for reporters to giggle after ganging up on a "guest"? Pathetically one-sided reporting from this alleged news channel as well as the author of this article. This birth certificate issue may or may not be real, but I'd like for someone, somewhere in the media to shut up, stop trying to inject your personal opinions, and let me hear both sides for once! Expect more Obama worship drivel from Costanzo.

Comment by Patrick Wood
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This "news" reporter and article is as prejudiced and ignorant as it could possibly be with words like "mutation, implosion, meltdown...". A very disappointing article (if supported) by a site proclamed as "FreedomsPhoenix"! Further Orly is among other things (like a dentist) a California lawyer. This fact conveniently and seemingly purposely left out. Childish name calling and attemps to discredit and divert attention is what is expected now from anyone that can not just show us ALL the documents that would resolve this issue. Smug, discounting looks on air and not allowing anyone to answer without being badgered, is proof enough for me to place credibility of MSNBC in file 13.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Shuster`s parents won`t even let him on their property.

Comment by oOoOo Starchild oOoOo
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 I don't know where Obama was born. But I just watched the video, and my impression was much different than Thomas Costanzo's. It seemed to me that Orly Taitz did have an answer to the question about how the Honolulu newspapers could publish Obama's birth notices, namely that they would just take a family member's word for it. It was kind of hard to hear what she was saying with all the back-and-forth -- the MSNBC anchors definitely were *not* giving her time to explain -- but it sounded like she was saying the family had the newspaper notices published not because they knew Obama would seek the presidency 40+ years later, but for immigration reasons. My guess is that Obama's parents felt it would be easier for his father to become a citizen, if they told the INS that Obama was born in Hawaii rather than Kenya, and the INS might not have asked for proof of this tangential point beyond newspaper notices.

Comment by oOoOo Starchild oOoOo
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