Article Image - Weekend Reading for August 8th 2009

Written by Subject: World News
Weekend Edition, August 8-9, 2009
Jim Rogers: US Shoots Itself in Foot, Again
Obama to drive commodities markets overseas.
Peter Schiff: 'Experts' Never Learn
Regime economists and other shills, that is.
Medicare Went Broke in 2008
Now they want to expand it. Article by Gary North.
On the Folly and Wickedness of War
Laurence Vance on an American prophet, c.1800.
Right and Left Together
With Ron Paul, against the Fed.
Interested in Christianity and Economics?
Read Hülsmann, says Tom Woods.
It's KGB-Gestapo Time
Will Grigg on the police state.
I Gave Up My US Citizenship
Jeff Knaebel on personal choices under corporate-state rule.
Dirt Cheap
Simple tricks for the DIY landscaper.
The Jobless Non-Recovery
And massive layoffs are still to come.

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