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No Vaccination? Then No Banking!

Written by Subject: Homeland Security
Major geopolitical events are about to take place. Although my expertise is not institutions and policy I have been present in one country during a revolution, and in another immediately after a revolution when the "old guard" was still in control. What I learned from this experience is that people are the same all over the world, and when tyranny raises it's ugly head they will revolt. America is no exception, and maybe even more of an exception, but America is soon to be deliberately launched into upheaval. The following is information for the Ground Crews.
First, make sure you have acquired all you communication tools. Communications are absolutely essential. There are three main areas that western culture uses for communication. Land line telephone, cell phone, and computers, but these will not suffice.
You will need short range, medium range, and eventually long range communication. And the communication device should not depend upon something in the middle, like a phone company land line, cell tower, or internet connection. Reliable person-to-person communication is going to be required, that has it's own power source (usually batteries), and ability to transmit and receive.
Short Range: Think of shopping at a mall with the family and they are not with you but you want to know where they are.
Medium Range: Think of communicating 10-20 miles. Range would vary depending on your location, urban, sub-urban, and rural.
Long Range: Think of communicating to someone on the other side of the country you live in.
Hopefully you will not have need for this but soon short and/or medium range might be saving your life.

I mention this because as in most every other major geopolitical crisis, there is always some group of people that is targeted. And usually there is a resistance group actively moving targeted people out of harms way. The coming major geopolitical event will be no different, except for one thing, the person that is moving out of harms way may be . . . you.
Recent research about current events has determined there is a high probability that the monetary crisis and the current pandemic and vaccination issues (real or false flag) were deliberately planned so that they could be merged together to produce a desired outcome. There shouldn't be any doubt in our minds that both are deliberately provoked events. As all depressions through manipulation of the central banking system by those in charge have been planned, so has the swine flu with all the emergency powers that go with such a “declared emergency.”
Their plan is clever, and devious. As they move forward with plans to vaccinate they are moving in place a new monetary policy that is hooked into the medical system. This system has been in progress for about two years, (article here). Their clever plans move certain groups of people into the horse corral marked resister by implementing a geopolitical maneuver that is plausibly deniable.
Therefore, they are able to say "no we wouldn't do that,  we want to help you", and last but not least "YOU HAVE A CHOICE'. While they prepare to offer you your choice they have had NLE 09, Operation "Vibrant Response," and Federal Reserve meetings to coordinate YOUR CHOICE.
The choice looks noble at first, but it was planned so that as you invoke your right to choose, you will be putting yourself into jeopardy. They plan on linking your ability to engage in banking and commerce, with having or not having received the vaccination.
Oh it will be a choice alright. You will be given the opportunity to self quarantine, and stay at home, and not allowed to return to your work or school, until they say so. In the meantime, the new monetary policies preventing you access to banking will remain in force until you are vaccinated.
This scenario nows presents you with new problems you may not have known about. So, make sure that if you plan on "resisting," that you are able to safely stay in place with all that goes with being unplugged from the financial apparatus, or move into safety soon.
During the civil war there was the underground railroad, and during WWII there was the French underground. Today you need to know there are avenues of escape developing. You have until maybe end of October to make your mind up.
In the meantime keep your eyes open about information concerning the "new underground."

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