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4409 -- Bailout Lover John Shadegg Confronted

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The ring of power will make you do some treasonous things. Some people want to wear the ring of power so bad they will vote to steal 800 billion dollars from you and give it to their criminials friends.
Bailout lover Congressman John Shadegg had a townhall meeting to gauge the anger of the healthcare takeover by the corporation called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC.
Shadeggs bailout vote was the key vote they needed back in october of 2008.
At first he withstood the power of the ring and voted against the bailout. Then out of left field he had a (vote auction)..errrrrrr, I mean fund raiser. This "fund raiser" was in the very rich biltmore area of Phoenix. After the "fund raiser" Mr. Shadeggs vote had changed for the bailout...hmmmmm. For more info on this see our video 'Going to the Auction":
Thousand of people warned him about voting for that bailout and he spit in your face and did it anyway.  Just because he claims he is sorry does not allow you the luxury of running amuck with impunity as if the vote never happened.
Chris asked Shadegg if he would support a bill that would automatically impeach a congressman or senator if they vote for any kind of bailout. The congressman refused to answer and runs!


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