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Morpheus on 3 TV regarding William Kostric and bringing a gun to a presidential Town Hall

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Phoenix 3TV tracks me down from the and sites and wants to interview me about the incident surrounding William Kostric, who was openly carrying a gun, where the so-called President Obama, who was scheduled to speak. The Media is in an uproar over this man exercising his rights.
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The Media acts like a bunch of sycophants, criticizing a peaceful man who is carrying a gun.  Just because the “president’ is in the vicinity.  The ‘president’ should be happy he has one of the people there with a gun in case violence breaks out.   The police are carrying guns, that is no big deal, but one of the people and the media goes into orbit!  It is clear what they are doing:  portraying that rights guaranteed in the constitution such as the right to bear arms as irrelevant, and on the other side of the coin, unconstitutional issues such as: socialized health care, federalized school system, and the federal reserve are good things. 
They asked me some questions about Bob Schultz, We The and Give Me as well.  We the people are peaceful.  It is the government and their minions, who are the terrorists, who murder and maim people, destroy lives, families and property and then say this is ok because they have given themselves the quote unquote authority to do so.  These arguments are irrelevant, as killing, when not done in self-defense is MURDER and destruction of property is THEFT!    When something is wrong for one man to do is still just as wrong when a group of people, grant themselves “authority” to do something. Let us see what the 3tv comes out with on the news broadcast.  
Publisher - I got a message from Thomas that a TV crew from Channel 3 was coming down to the workshop to interview him about the "Gun Toting Protester". I set my DVR (just in case,... 'cause I know better than to count on the TV stations to make something we like available on their Internet coverage :)
I just tried to find the segment and link to it. NOT THERE. every other news segment, but NOT this one. I called the News Room and a gentleman took the time with me on the phone to see if he could find it on the web page,... Nope.   Sooooo, I'll be videoing my Big Screen and posting it later today. And they wonder why no one trusts them.

But Thomas was very smart to 'tape' the taping :)

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Comment by Charles Gillespie
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 Divine...simply DIVINE!! Way to shredd like a master!! You make Ted Nugent look like a PUSSY!! Long Live the Truth R3VOLution!!!

Comment by Found Zero
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Comment by Ben Nichols
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I caught the news segment last night on TV. The report was decent.

At the end, the reporter added in that Randy Weaver was one of William Kostric's heroes. The reporter then quickly stated that Randy Weaver is a Nazi.  I'm assuming the reporter had no idea what Ruby Ridge was.

Hey, any press is good press.

Thomas did a great job!

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Awesome interview brother!  I loved it.  

Comment by Michele Power
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 Way to go, Thomas!! 

Comment by Hamish Campbell
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 Way to go man!  I can't wait to see how it was broadcast on the tube.  Keep up the good fight!

Comment by Anonymous
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How did the Secret Service know Kostric was a peaceful man?

And, what are you saying when you call Obama the "so-called president"?

Comment by Morpheus Titania
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4409, this is why I love the r3volution, we all have a part to play in the movie!  In all my days I have never been surrounded by such incredible talent.  Now all we have to do is figure out where you fit in!  Love you man!

Comment by Ben Nichols
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freaking rocked!

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Morpheus you rock man! I wish had you speaking skills!

LMAO how you are more afraid of the people is blue costumes carrying guns.


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