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Obama gun carrier William Kostric Reflects on Publicity - Ridley Report

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William Kostric who is one of the member of We The and Give Me is interview By the Ridley Report. He talks about his newfound fame from the peaceful incident where he brought a gun in a holster to the Obama Town Hall. This was where the Quote unquote President Obama is going to give a presentation on his Health Care scheme to fleece the people of the united States of whatever money they have left since the government has been rewarding the too big to fail companies for their malfeasance in business.
William is interviewed about his interaction with Chris Mathews.  William said that Chris is a true "professional" they don't call it hardball for a reason.  He felt the sign "The Tree of liberty needs to be Watered" was appropriate for the situation.  He said he picked the sign was used to shock some of the people to opening their eyes.
William stated he was not been approached by secret service and The Portsmouth detectives were cordial to William and however they had some discussion on where to stand.  Interestingly is that you cannot carry a gun within 1000 feet of a school.  Yet the priest of the church where he was standing granted William sanctuary there on the church grounds.

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Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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So...they noticed the gun...but did anyone else notice "the grassy knoll" behind the PMSNBC reporter?

Why is it that these idiots think the "Bill of Rights", contained in The Constitution, only has 1 ammendment....there are 9 more that they should familiarize themseves with if they ever want to have any credibility.....

No one died at our town meeting (St. George UT) last night and I know at least 6 of us where packing concealed. And I only knew about 20 of the 300+ people there.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Good Priest (Pappas)!  I wonder how he knew what was going on with regard to the local cops working up the nerve to arrest Kostric when they knew he was in the right? 

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