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Morpheus on 3tv Phoenix AZ William Kostric actual newscast

Written by Subject: MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)
This newscast, which was about the media circus that enveloped when William Kostric brought a 9 millimeter gun to the town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where president Obama was speaking about his quote unquote healthcare reform. 
William, was then interviewed, on Hardball with Chris Mathews.   Tyler Baldwin then did some Google research and found my name on the We The and Give Me  I didn’t recall meeting William Kostric, however a good friend reminded me that he had come to a Ron Paul Sign making party once or twice. 
Tyler Baldwin asked me some questions about what I thought of William.  My quote was “the guy (Kostric) has some serious guts to be able to bring a gun to a meeting like that and most people would be afraid to intimidate the ‘Man’. We have a situation here in this country where the government is not afraid of its people.  When you have a government that is not afraid of its people you have tyranny and when the government is afraid of its people you have FREEDOM.”
They then talk about how We The supports the 'Birther' movement.  The report then mentions William Kostric’s MySpace account lists Randy Weaver as one of his hero’.  Tyler then incorrectly mentions that Weaver is a ‘white supremacist’.   Then Tyler correctly mentions, that Weaver was involved with a deadly shootout with US Marshals, but neglects to mention that the Marshals KILLED Weaver’s wife and child.  
The Report then goes back to William where he states that guns need to be displayed and not kept in a closet.  Tyler then mentions that Kostric is a member of another organization who wants New Hampshire to secede from the Union of the United States. Tyler wraps up with the fact that the town hall rally was a peaceful one and Kostric had every right to carry the gun.

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