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Are You Dead Yet?
Are You Dead Yet?
We as a nation have been so apathetic and lazy we are all in a terrible mess now, we know there have always been people who think very differently than what we would call sane and have allowed these idiots to rise to the top of the pile and are actually writing bills and laws which will govern the rest of us that have sit back and thought "No one will take these jerks seriously" well guess what they were serious and we allowed them to take over our lives gradually without even a whimper.

Now we have to do something to stop this madness or we will not survive which is their goal and mission in life.

There are ways to do this without shedding blood although I feel there will be some serious bloodshed along the way. I pray not but cannot see the government not spilling our blood in their lust for power and control.

It is time to start the process of putting the government out of business: Withhold everything that feeds them. Stop paying taxes, all taxes, stop allowing our children to join the military ( send them to a militia group if they want to fight) Go directly to your local elected officials and firmly let them know they are in danger of bodily harm if they continue to sell out the voters, Stop buying things from those who sponsor the Governments policies such as advertisers etc,

Home school your kids so they aren't brain washed by our enemies.

Stop watching the TV, the channels DO know how many are watching them, that is how they determine how much to charge advertisers. This is really true now with the government mandated switch to digital TV access.

Take personal responsibility for educating yourself on how to SURVIVE as if there was NO GOVERNMENT.

Survival is far more than stocking up on beans and dried foods and guns and ammo. It is learning what to do when you become ill- how to deal with broken bones without going to a doctor. Try living for a month as if you were totally alone with no one else to rely on. What do you need not what you want in order to survive? Forget about going to Wal-Mart to get some Chinese products or processed garbage. Live as if you have only yourself to depend on not the government or wallmart or some agency, no police protection (yeah I know about how that goes), no fire protection, no one to come to your aide.

If you can't do that then you aren't going to survive what is headed our way .

You will be another statistic if you cannot survive on your owh or in your small group.

You just haven't stopped breathing yet but you will.

How will you know that when you go to refill that prescription you will get the medicine you are supposed to be getting? With the tracking and computerized controls in place right now it would be so easy for someone who has decided you are a useless eater or a inconvience to the government to send the order to the pharmacy to give you Kill Pill instead of the ones you have been getting and to tell you, if you question the change, that it is the new generic form of your medicine.

The real fight will not be with guns and military operations but in the minds of people. The new patriot must seek to remind the people the glory of battle is a dead end street but to take away the control the government has over us is victory. Stop feeding it, no more sending our young men across the oceans to fight on other shores for what? Keep them home where they are needed.

If no one obeys then no one can rule.

The only factor in our way is the "FEAR" of ? Fear is only in the mind, without fear we are free. Someone once said that "I am about as afraid of dying as I was of being born."

It is the faith and activism that will lead the new fighters, men who believe in first themselves then their fellow men who are convinced we can build a decent society where men ( and women and children) can respect each other, communicate with each other and live freely as humans were meant to do.

We have to reconnect as families: Remember when family was the first thing on people's agenda? Men worked and died for their families, Mothers worked, raised their own children, prepared actual meals ( not a fast food take out or prepackaged meals) even ironed their families clothing to assure they looked good in public? Now appearance means nothing, everyone can be or do what ever they please and no one seems to care what face they present to the world as the only thing that matters in todays society is their personal feelings.. Don't worry about your neighbor or your Mom or Dad, just do what feels good and if you don't really feel up to par take a pill manfactured to addict you and insure more money for the big phrarma companies... If you don't want to work not a problem just apply for welfare, the government will take care of you. People have no pride anymore. Their minds have been eroded by the TV shows where people don't have jobs but live in luxury, drive fast cars, have beautiful clothing and visit exciting places and never turn a hand at real work. Isn't that how we all should live?

Our morals have been eroded by the same tv shows that at one time did not allow Lucy and Dezi to sleep in the same bed on TV.. now all you see is SEX SEX is like that is all there is to life, Makeup to make you more desirable, pills to make you larger and more sexy, Surgery to enhance your body, toys to insure your pleasure, clothing that will excite others, even same sex encounters is all very normal? LIke Hell.... Come on people where did the morality and dignity and even privacy go? SEX used to be a very private beautiful thing shared by two people who cared deeply for each other not a animal instinct. We are not animals to breed indescriminately. Animals have more morality than people do now, they only breed for reproduction not for excess pleasure and viewing by the public.

We are allowing people to write our laws that have no common sense, no morality, no dignity, no care about how the bills will be implemented or who it hurts only if it can controll the population so they can be more powerful, owning and controling every single human being on the planet.

Doreen Haynes has studied the bill known as NAIS, the link will show you the absolute truth about what our government is doing to us, read her writings. Think of the repercussions of this bill. There are many others floating in the congress and senate right now with just as damaging results as this, think of the government owning all the water on the planet? Governing which vitimins you can take? What you can eat and how it is grown? How much control are we willing to allow? ( article on NAIS)


Stop being a willing participant in the Governments quest to rule everyone and everything.

With the news reports of the banks closing, get your money out. Buy something that will be useful if the dollar is worthless like food, supplies, what ever you can use for trading for things you run out of. In times past the lowly SALT was a premium barter item, think about it. Store your own food, not the prepackaged mess that is being sold today, who knows what is in it other than preservatives that will further ruin your overall health. When your Grandmother canned her food she didn't have to use tons of preservatives now did she? Why would we want to put that into our food supply? People lived for centuries without it and were healthier and stronger with clear minds and happy souls without all of this in our water and food.

Seek out others who think as you do, will stand together, be prepared to give up a lot of the every day conviencies, but be firm and steadfast that you will not be controlled or governed by rogues with no morals and the mindset of demons. Gather together in groups that will work together to produce the food you need to survive on, build safe homes, cut yourself off from the mongrels who are out to destroy our country.

Protect yourself and family from the hordes of lazy, pill crazed, mind controlled, low life animalistic humans that will be frantic without their daily needs being met by the very people who are out to destroy even them. These manegy lowlifes will be on the streets, roads and into every place they can find looking to take what ever they want or as they feel they need and are deserving of having.

The only way to do this is in groups, one family cannot stand alone, you are surrounded as Glen Beck says. I am not a fan of Beck's but he is right about some things.

We have a community being built and inhabited by people who realize the dangers coming our way and are determined to survive to see a new way of life for the country, one where the individual is important, not the collective conciousness so to speak.. We are all individuals that is what makes us whole and capable of living without constant controlls. We are all endowed with God's strength and have guidelines to live by that are not contrary to decency.

We all need a dose of our Grandparents disicpline as in a Trip to the woodshed and a good whiping for allowing this country to be over run by a bunch of educated overly liberal idiots.


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