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Americans for Prosperity (the other side of the same coin) to Protest Obama in Phoenix

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Wake Up!  Obama is Coming! 


This is Your Big Chance to STOP Nationalized Health Care.


KFYI to Broadcast from Downtown


The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity is joining allied Tea Party organizations this coming Monday, August 17th, at 7 am, for a protest in downtown Phoenix at the corner of Adams and 2nd Street, outside the Phoenix Convention Center. 


President Barack Obama will address the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the Phoenix Convention Center that morning.  We need to assemble peacefully outside the Convention Center and protest Obama, Congress, and the big insurance and drug companies who are supporting the Obama-Pelosi plan.  We need to send them the following message:




Paid parking is available in lots all around the Convention Center.  We strongly suggest arriving downtown by 6:00 am to park and walk to the rally point at Adams and 2nd Streets.  Those Tea Partiers who need to get to work to pay taxes and support their families should arrive early, park in a farther lot (such as the one at Washington and 5th Street) and depart by about 8:00 am to go to work.  The rest of us will stay until 9 am or later, if necessary.  Please bring water and sunscreen/umbrella.  Optional: blue balloons, medical smocks, and signs with large letters. (You guys come up with great signs, but some sign ideas are pasted below.)    


KFYI radio is going to broadcast live from Tom’s Tavern, at the NE corner of Washington and Central.  Coincidentally, the NE corner of Washington and Central is also where the pro-Obama group, Organizing for America, is planning to congregate… The AFP rally point is just around the corner, at Adams and 2nd, a five-minute walk from Tom’s Tavern.   


SIGN UP!    


Please reply to this email (or write to to let AFP Arizona know you’re coming.  You can also sign up at




This is the fight of a generation for American liberty.  Now is the time to take a stand.  Please do not sleep in on Monday morning!


--Persons from all political parties are welcome to attend.  Many of you Tea Partiers are not partisan loyalists.  You distrust both of the big parties and have watched in alarm during the past year as the national government--led first by Bush, Paulson, and Bernanke, and then by Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke--has taken over banks and automobile companies.  You now see the grabbing hands of the national government coming for the health care industry, which makes up about one-seventh of the US economy.


--Many of you are worried about the new taxes that would be imposed on struggling families and businesses by the Obama-Pelosi national health insurance scheme.  Mr. Obama and Congress have not yet explained how they will raise the hundreds of billions of dollars they would need to support the proposed “public option” of government health insurance when it proves to be highly inefficient and very expensive.


--Many of you understand that government has created the huge distortions in the current American health insurance market, and you are rightly concerned about a system that has railroaded tens of millions of Americans into becoming dependent upon third-party payers--your employers and your employer-provided insurers. You are rightly afraid you will lose coverage if you leave your job.  And you are justifiably worried that the Obama-Pelosi plan would prod everyone into joining the biggest third-party insurance scheme of all--a government-run national health insurance plan. 


--Many of the big insurance and drug companies are supporting and funding the Obama-Pelosi plan.  They’re cutting deals with Big Government (no surprise there).  The drug company lobby is dumping $150 million into the campaign to support ObamaCare.


--Many of you have watched the government and public employee unions destroy K-12 education, and therefore you have grave doubts about the government’s ability to efficiently run anything as complicated as a health insurance scheme.  You have stood in line at the post office, and you don’t want to stand in line for a CAT scan, or a hip replacement, or dialysis.  You are justifiably worried that a taxpayer-subsidized “public option” plan would not compete fairly, and that Fannie Med would soon crowd out private insurance options. 


--Many of you Tea Partiers are motivated by pro-life concerns, and are worried that the taxpayer-subsidized public option might eventually steer people in the direction of abortion and assisted suicide.  Some are concerned about the possibility that HR 3200 could give government-subsidized health insurance to illegal aliens.  Others have noted that “national health care” does not appear anywhere in the enumerated powers of Congress listed in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.


Whatever your concerns with the Obama Plan, now is the time to let him hear your voices!  We’ll see you Monday morning!


For Liberty,




Tom Jenney

Arizona Director

Americans for Prosperity

(Arizona Federation of Taxpayers)

(602) 478-0146




Reform, not rationing!

My doctor is my choice!

Hands off our health care!

Universal PRIVATE insurance!

ObamaCare = Long lines, poor quality

Waiting for health care = Death

Read the Bill!  Then vote NO!

Read Page 30 of HR 3200:  Govt will decide who gets treated

Read Page 72 of HR 3200:  All private plans must conform to govt rules

Read Page 124 of HR 3200:  No one can sue the govt health monopoly

Read Page 149 of HR 3200:  8% payroll tax on large employers

Read Page 150 of HR 3200:  6% payroll tax on small employers

Read Page 167 of HR 3200:  2.5% tax on people who don’t go along

Read Page 272 of HR 3200:  Cancer hospital payments will be rationed

Read Page 318 of HR 3200:  Hospital expansions prohibited w/o govt approval

Read Page 335 of HR 3200:  “Outcome-based measures” = Rationing

Don’t let DC bureaucrats destroy health care

Don’t pull the plug on elderly Americans!

Fed up with govt health care

The VA almost killed me—ObamaCare will finish the job

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