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Keith Olbermann now compares tea parties to political Terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah

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Obermann compares tea partiers political terrorist, as they are comparing Obama to Hitler and the holocaust.   Obermann is agast that a former vice-presidential candidate, considers the Obama Reform Bill will create a quote unquote Death Panel, with the authority to KILL HER CHILDREN.  Wonder who he is talking about? 
Grass root groups may be fake, but the anger of Americans lashing out at town hall meetings is dangerously real.  The Tampa Town Hall meeting last night with CONgresswoaman Cathy Castor more resembling a WWE night than a policy discussion
In the first four minutes of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, I point out a little hypocrisy, misinformation and a general lack of integrity from the Sultan of Smug.
Obermann compares tea partiers political terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah
Beginning at 1:30 most of the footage from St. Louis is video shot personally. Does Keith knows he's supporting terrorists by broadcasting their videos.

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Comment by Found Zero
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My Gods, he's got the Hannity/Limbaugh rap almost down. It's the same shit. I can't even follow WTF he's talking about, he's stringing so much crap together.....who falls for this anymore?

Don't answer that.

Tell me this instead oh hundreds of thousands of conservative readers, tell me if you didn't know this back-lash was coming?

Fuck global warming, don't you see your environment crashing around you? The waters and the fish around the nations are becoming contaminated with mercury and even the EPA says they ain't safe to eat?

Think us conservatives have a monopoly on the truth?

AND EVEN IF SO can you find fault or lack of wisdom in something which is practically heresy in Randian terms, giving a shit about somebody else.

Micaje Oyate


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