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Obama comes to Phoenix Arizona so does Chris and his AR15

Written by Subject: Activism
The Usurper Obama comes to Phoenix Arizona on 08/16/09. Chris is inspired to come to the demonstration and exercise His rights of Free Speech, which includes his RIGHT to carry a loaded AR 15 as well as his loaded Glock 17 a 9 millimeter handgun around while he is peacefully rallying for the rights of the individual.
Chris Obama rally demonstrator free speech gun rights phoenix Arizona ar 15 
He encounters crowds of acorn sponsored astroturf who are only interested in utilizing the force of government to steal from one group (the Productive class) to give to the another group (the welfare class). There are views of groups chanting for socialism, fascism and the nanny state welfare vs Freedom, individual rights and Responsibility.
obama phoenix health care arizona free speech gun rights ar 15 
Our hero Chris does a few interviews with those that insist that when the government STEALS for a "good" cause that somehow negates the fact they had to steal the money in the first place!

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