Bad news for Arizona heavy-metal heads. Thumper is gone.

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Maybe nobody will remember Thumper but us. And bands like AC45 and Koama and The Cheaters and Soul Clown and 12-Ton-Sledge and Follow Sheep and many others.
Nobody except for those who made Arizona, for some time, a shining and world-class metal scene. Thumper, a lyricist extraordinaire. Thumper, the guy for whom weird was a part of every day life.
Thumper who was once my "designated driver" and got the minivan stuck in a ditch but the conversation we were having was so much more important that we abandoned the minivan without a though and just started walking and kept on talking.
As hurt as I am, I think of his brothers who have known him all their lives; Derek, Tracey and the others. I know they are hurt bad by this.
In the middle of a bright and sunny day, dark clouds assemble in Northern Arizona. My people's eyes have gone dark and there is crying in many houses.
Thumper is survived by two kids. His son I used to be a favored baby-sitter for. His new daughter I have never met. As I talk to our brethren, we are deciding that we will be their father now.
Thumper, I love you bro. We love you bro. We're gonna take care of business down here. Kids will be fine. You know you can count on us.
Next time bro.