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MORE ACTUAL FOOTAGE!!! of Pastor Beaten & Tazed by Border Patrol

Written by Subject: Steven Anderson - Checkpoint Arrest
Pastors Anderson's court files video below
Prosecutor's and Court's Actions are in Red.

Defense Attorney's Actions are in Blue.

PDF files:

4/16/09 Not Guilty Plea
4/17/09 2 Misdemeanor Complaints against Pastor Anderson
4/20/09 Pre-trial Conference is Scheduled
4/21/09 Rule 15.2 Disclosure
4/28/09 Motion to allow Pastor Anderson interstate travel
4/28/09 Prosecutor's request to DENY interstate travel (this is insane!)
4/29/09 Judge Romine grants interstate travel
5/7/09 Search Warrant
5/8/09 Rule 15 Interviews
5/20/09 Supplemental Disclosure
6/2/09 Officer Jones' version of the incident
6/2/09 Officer Mitchell's version of the incident (aka Mr. Smiley & Mr. Failure to Obey Me Right Now!)
6/16/09 Motion to Dismiss the Case with Prejudice
6/25/09 Judge Cora Romine Recuses herself (i.e. decides not to hear the case because of either personal bias or inability to be fair in this matter)
6/25/09 State's Response to Motion to Dismiss
6/29/09 Defendant's Reply to State's Response
6/30/09 Case Transferred to Judge Cooper
7/2/09 Objection to Change of Judge
7/20/09 Defense Puts Up No Objection to Prosecutor's Motion to Continue (i.e. delay)
7/23/09 Hearing is Continued (i.e. delayed)
7/30/09 Renewed Objection to Change of Judge
8/5/09 Motion to Change the Judge...AGAIN! Now the Prosecutor is Accusing the JUDGE of Legal Violations!!!!!!
8/5/09 Hearing to Change scheduled
8/7/09 Disclosure of Witnesses
8/7/09 Motion to Continue (delay) Trial
8/11/09 Hearing on Judging the Judge Rescheduled
8/13/09 Order to Vacate the Trial Dates
8/17/09 Demand for a Trial by Jury

More will be posted as the circus continues. 

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Comment by DB Ross
Entered on:

More lies. I was promised footage of this idiot being beaten and tazered. I would have loved that.

Instead, we have pics of this racist and narcissist stealing the good name of Jesus Christ to stroke his own ego.

Enjoy hell, Steven Anderson.


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