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Obama comes to Phoenix Arizona so does Chris and his AR15 #3

Written by Subject: Gun Rights is where to go to get all the information on Chris, the AR 15 toting peaceful demonstrator, Pastor Steven Anderson the preacher who was Tazed at a internal checkpoint and everything else that is going on with the unconstitutional Bailout, the 9/11 government coverup, the rise of the police State and how to get active in your community.

The Usurper Obama comes to Phoenix Arizona on 08/16/09. Chris is inspired to come to the demonstration and exercise His rights of Free Speech, which includes his RIGHT to carry a loaded AR 15 as well as his loaded Glock 17 a 9 millimeter handgun around while he is peacefully rallying for the rights of the individual. He encounters crowds of acorn sponsored astroturf who are only interested in utilizing the force of government to steal from one group (the Productive class) to give to the another group (the welfare class).
There are views of groups chanting for socialism, fascism and the nanny state welfare vs Freedom, individual rights and Responsibility. Our hero Chris does a few interviews with those that insist that when the government STEALS for a "good" cause that somehow negates the fact they had to steal the money in the first place! 

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Comment by Thomas Strizak
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God bless this man!!! I will be exercising my second ammendment rights at the next protest. America, this is your cue!

Comment by Robert B
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 Hmmm? I wonder why if that woman thinks Malta where she says she is from is soooo great with their free healthcare for all, she is not there right now? I mean if its soooooo great there why come to the United States of America?

Comment by Freed Radical
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What a stupid bitch! I can't even stand to listen to her greasy accent. Osama's union thugs make even Republicans look intelligent. 

Eric New
Comment by Powell Gammill
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I am sooooo disappointed in Chris and Ernie carrying around guns designed to make people mad when you shoot them.  Put a .4x in front of that bullet man.  Show some compassion.

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