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Saturday Morning Arizona Breakfast Club - Tomorrow August 29th 2009

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Saturday, August 29, 2009
7:30 A.M. 
Obama visited Phoenix to promote his healthcare agenda using the U.S. Veterans as his television prop.  A dozen people showed up outside and stole his limelight by packing guns 'near the president.'  Oh my god!!!!  Can we let this continue?  Did it hurt Gun Rights?  Why are they still alive and roaming the streets?  I don't know.  Why don't we ask some of the gun toting folks who were there at this upcoming ABC.

15th Ave and Bethany Home Road - Home Town Buffet - 8am-10am - $8.50 at the door includes food and drink. 

Join us on the last Saturday of each month in continuing our long tradition, this 40th season of the Arizona Breakfast Club.

Join us in continuing our long tradition at: Home Town Buffet
1501 West Bethany Home Road - Phoenix, Arizona 85015-2505
Price will be $8.50 at the door. Let them know you are with the Arizona Breakfast Club for a slight discount.  Starting at 8:00 a.m. sharp!

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Thanks Michelle.  She reached me while I was on my way to the Buffet and I asked her to put this up since I was away form the computer.  Apologies to anyone who wanted to attend and were disappointed to find the restaurant closed for good.  Wish they had called.  Economy and all.

ABC WILL be back somewhere at the end of the next month as usual.  Ernie will let everyone know where very soon.   

Comment by Michele Power
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 Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out that the Hometown Buffet where the meetings are held is out of business.  I haven't personally confirmed this, but I wanted to try and catch anyone who might be checking this before they head out.

Comment by Gay Volt
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Pastor Anderson.  We LOVE you at, a place where all exgays have a home

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