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Viper Militia Stories in Phoenix New Times from 1996-97

Written by Subject: Gun Rights
Article - Phoenix News - Fangs a Lot -
... Fangs a Lot. Channel 10 repeatedly misidentifies small business as Viper Militia location. ...
Article - Phoenix News - Viper Snitch Hits a Glitch -
... He was the mystery informant in the Viper militia case. ... Where, in July 1996, Drew Nolan became a wanted man for helping to bring down the Viper Team militia. ...
Article - Phoenix News - Sticking By His Guns -
... ccused conspirator Charles Knight talks about his days in the Viper Militia, why he's fighting the government's case against him, and how he fell in love with ...
Article - Phoenix News - Letters -
... about Charles Knight and the Viper Militia prompted me to refresh myself on something I first read in school ("Sticking By His Guns," January 2). Perhaps other ...
Article - Phoenix News - Letters -
... to recall that Ruggiero was the first local reporter to challenge that insultingly transparent "press conference" following last summer's Viper Militia raid. ...
Article - Phoenix News - Beware of the Dogma -
... Feeling justified that his skepticism about claims made by government officials in the Viper Militia arrest had turned out to be prescient, Dayl announced that ...

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Comment by Lauryn Whocares
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 WOW - I don't know what made me want to Google the "Viper Militia" today but I'm glad I did. I had no idea that the gentlemen at Obama's town hall meeting in Phoenix was actually a fan of The Vipers.

Well, I too know at know at least one of them personally, and you cannot ask for a better man. He is the epitome of his belief system when it comes to the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The more I researhed the Vipers the more I saw through the ridiculous lies of the FBI, the ATF and the USMO. I think this particular member missed his calling and should have run for public office. He's articulate, passionate about the rights of all Americans as the Founding Father's outlined and recognizes the fact that holy hell is eventually going to break loose in America has pissed off citizens demand their rights back. Putting Obama and his scary ass cronies in office whas a HUGE mistake. Napaliatano sitting on top of the border issues is another huge mistake. She was a lousy governor and I think she's a lousy Homeland Security boss. There is no paranoia here just facts when I say that "pitch forks and shovels" along with "lit torches" will becoming to your neighborhood. Who knows, perhaps one of you will be a primary organizer when you realize that you are going to be shit on for the next 3 years as you're forced into socialist medicine and stripped of your 2nd ammendmendt rights.

The Vipers had it right. The one that I know is a true American patriot to this day and knows what the loss of freedom is all about.  The rhetoric that was created in the press was nothing but bullshit as were the trumped up charges against these self-proclaimed gun enthusiasts. I still believe that political careers were made on the backs of these people as they came together to build one charge after another against The Vipers.  He may be de-fanged now but The Viper I know still holds to his belief system that America is in serious trouble. When you speak to this guy he saw it back in 1996 and when research his theories at the time you will be shocked to see he KNEW EXACTLY what he was talking about even back then as many of his visions of the downfall of our once great nation continues to commence.

I think if anyone wants to post about The Vipers, they have better done their homework!

Think about it.