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Sean Hannity - Obama & Friends History of Radicalisam 1-6 College Years

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Sean Hannity - Obama & Friends History of Radicalisam
A well documented and interesting look at Barack Hussein Obama's close ties with marxists, racists, and anti-American terrorists. This special aired on FOX October 2008.
1. The College Years
Sean Hannity explores the mysterious collage years of the well-spoken Barak Obama.  He spent 2 years at Occidental Collage, which he said was a 'dead end'.  Then Barack moved on to Columbia University in New York City.  This is where he met a Pakistani Sahol Sadiki, who was dabbling with cocaine.  Obama admitted he drank beer regularly and did drugs enthusiastically while in high school.  Research Journalist David Bossie states, “Barack Obama WILL NOT release any information from Columbia and Harvard AND WILL NOT allow Columbia or Harvard to release any information.  SO we are really dealing with limited information about his collage years." 
The New York Times States "Obama has declined repeated requests to talk about New York years, release ANY Columbia transcripts or even identify even a single fellow student, roommate, co-worker or friend from those years"  Oct 30,2007
One of the most sought after pieces of information from Obama's Senior year is his thesis.  All that is known is the title of his thesis "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament"  in 1983 right at the height of the cold war.
We know that Obama was the president of the Harvard Law Review.  However, there is not one single thing with his name on it.  How was Obama able to get into the exclusive Harvard Law School?  Percy Sutton the former Manhattan Manager gives us a clue.  A known radical extremist with ties to the Saudi Arabian government personally asks Sutton to help Obama get into Harvard.  This friend was Dr. Khalid Al Mansur.  Al Mansur was a top advisor to a key Saudi Arabian official and the former mentor to the Black Panthers.

2. Community Organizer
Community Organizing was to preparing Obama to lead America.  This was none other than the grand scheme prepared by William Ayers.  In 1985 fresh out of Columbia, Obama moves to Chicago to become a Community Organizer.  Andy Martin the author of "Behind the Mask" says "this was a sham event.  Obama leaves a $50,000-$60,000 a year job to move to Chicago where he knew no one.  This was simply a test to see how he would do."  He made virtually no impact as a Community Organizer except to lay the foundation for his future radical associations.  Obama was then exposed by Louie Farrakhan to Dr. Khalid Al Mansur.”
In the elite, Kenwood Community in Chicago Obama purchased a home for $1.65 Million in 2005.  This home is right down the street from the unrepentant terrorist, William Ayres.  And Just down the street is Farrakhan the leader of the nation of Islam.  There have been numerous reports linking Obama with Farrakhan and members of his church.
Andy Martin states, "We are in the throes of a Socialistic revolution and which any attempts to 'freeze out' anyone who is opposition. 
3. Obama's Religious mentors
Jeremiah Wright
4 Obama & Friends - A History Of Radicalism
5 Obama & Friends - A History Of Radicalism
6 Obama & Friends - A History of Radicalism

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