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The Free Market and its Enemies

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The Free Market and its Enemies
A book of Quotes assembled by James R. Cook        Page 10
“If we cannot return to fiscal integrity because the public prefers profusion and prodigality over balanced budgets, we cannot escape paying the price, which is even lower incomes and standards of living for all.” Hans F. Sennholz
“The prerequisite for more economic equality in the world is industrialization.  And this is possible through increased capital investment, increased capital accumulation.”  Ludwig Von Mises
“The Resources that government extracts from the private sector to pay for itself are resources that are not available for the private sector to use in producing more goods and services.  When the federal government takes money out of our pockets, we have less money to spend or save.  When the federal government takes money from business, it has less money to use for investment, research, or payroll.”  Michael D. Tanner
 “Assistance granted to the unemployed does not dispose of unemployment.  It makes it easier for the unemployed to remain idle.”  Ludwig Von Mises
”Government schools can go for decades delivering low quality services, and what’s the result?  The people who manage it earn higher pay.  It’s nearly impossible to fire the incompetents.  And, Taxpayers, who support the service, are given higher tax bills.”  Walter E. Williams
“There are only two questions about the government.  How much do you want?  How much can you stand?”  James Cook
“To the progressive mind, the very concept of ‘the enemy’ is obsolescent: there are no enemies, just friends whose grievances we haven’t yet accommodated.”  Mark Steyn
“Once we realize the government doesn’t work, we’ll know that the only way to improve government is to reduce its size – by doing away with laws, by getting rid of programs, by making government tax and spend less, by reducing government as far as we can.”  Harry Browne
“The world has always been betrayed not by scoundrels but by decent men with bad ideas.” Sydney J. Harris

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