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The Chris-n-Ernie Stunt was so Successful, Obama Showed Up

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Another Chris-n-Ernie story, but this one is too funny not to share. It's so bad, they couldn't get anybody to fess up to writing it! From Staff Reporter at The Daily Voice:

Man with assault weapon was part of planned protest

Everyone else just happened to be walking by and, since there were signs, decided to hold one up and chant for a while.

...planned stunt by a conservative media group, according to a libertarian activist...

How do you know you've finally made it as a libertarian? When you are quoted as an authoritative source on what is conservative or liberal AND you didn't even make that distinction. man interviewed by what appeared to be a radio reporter...

Because Ernie's got a face for radio!

Despite the radio show ploy, there was a distinctly conservative political message to the gun demonstration. The demonstration was anti-government and pro-gun.

One. One anti-government, pro-gun conservative. That's all, just show me one.

...the African American man, who called himself "Chris"...

Is there some rule that African Americans can't be named Chris? Did Chris Rock ruin it or something? Why the scare quotes?

Final score for "Staff" Reporter: 2 points for trying, 0 points for originality, 0 for truth, and 50 points for spelling both Ernest and Phoenix correctly, for a total score of 52. Your parting gifts are in the mail.

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Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

I tried it the other way, and it was worse.  Just work with me here. 

Comment by Drew
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that pic said it all, MSNBC was right, ""Chris"" is white.

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