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Raid on militia activists for alleged "bombmaking" (Same time frame of the "Vipers**Q

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A picture of what is going on is now emerging. The accused were not engaged in any kind of bombmaking, but were engaged in the investigation of lawbreaking by federal agents, and this was apparently an attempt by those agencies to protect themselves from such investigation, as well as part of a government-sponsored campaign to discredit the militia movement. The following items include email correspondence among militia activists that show how the situation is unfolding. Reports are in reverse chronological order.

96/08/25 — Macon Update: Government tries to suppress evidence, from J.J. Johnson
96/08/22 —Macon Update: Co-Counsel Arrested, from J.J. Johnson
96/08/16 — Announcement of Sep. 3 Rally, from J.J. Johnson
96/08/15 — Macon Georgia Gunshow Image, by J.J. Johnson.
96/08/12 — Motion for Information, by Nancy Lord, sent by J.J. Johnson.
96/07/29 — Macon Update, by J.J. Johnson.
96/07/29 — Macon Editorials
96/07/20 — Report on trial date, from Mike Perrin through Helen Reed-Johnson
96/06/03 — Macon Intimidation
96/05/10 — Bob Starr Update
96/05/07 — The Macon Telegraph
96/05/04 — No Bond
96/05/03 — Bob Starr Case
96/05/02 — Rally in GA
96/05/02 — Back to GA (cont)
96/05/01 — Back to GA
96/04/27 — Starr Legal Fund
96/04/26 — Bob Starr Update
96/04/26 — Jimmy McCranie
96/04/26 — 04/26/96 - Georgia Raid Centennial Park Bombing

On July 27, 1996, a pipe bomb exploded in Centennial Olympic Park, in Atlanta, Georgia. Militia activists had been warned of such an event several months previously, to be perpetrated by federal agents, intended to suppress civil libertarians and the militia movement, to support increased powers and budgets for federal law enforcement agencies, and to help the re-election of the President. Reports are in reverse chronological order.

96/07/29 — Freehdom — Report on FBI misconduct by Mike Kemp.
96/07/29 — Missouri Militia Release on Atlanta Bombing — Offer of $500 reward.
96/07/29 — FBI Interviews Gadsden Minutemen on Atlanta Bombing — Report from Mike Kemp
96/07/29 — Centennial Park Bombing — Releases from Nancy Lord and J.J. Johnson.
Guest editorial by Jeff Randall, originally published in the Washington Weekly in mid-May, 1996.
96/07/29 — Say Goodbye to the Bill of Rights — Article by Colorado State Senator Charles Duke

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