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The untold personal notes of Shadrack, Meshack and Obendago. A lesson for all ages.

Written by Subject: History
The personal notes of Shadrack, Meshack and Obendago written for stage in four acts.

Shadrack: I've got a really bad feeling about today boys, I don't know what it is.

Meshack: What could possibly happen? Everybody is talking to us, the MSM is licking our sacks, we are totally set bra. What say you Obendago?

Obendago: My name is Obed-Nago. Get it right.

Meshack: Whatever dicknose. Hey somebody call room service for more beer!

(trumpets sound)

Shadrack: Oh man I got a really seriously bad feeling about this.

Meshack: Bro with the Lord on our side and a couple of these trusty salve girls and have you tried room service yet? Seriously, these guys can make a burger. This king thinks he's a badass? Let's just see him tremble before the power of the Lord. How about it Obendago?

Obendago: My name is Obed-Nago it means....

Meshack: thanks for the dissertation Obendago. Well boys, no time to waste. The king is waiting for some shit and I guess we better not disappoint.

Shadrack: Meshack, for once just listen to me and let me do the talking.
Obendago: Just one thing. His name isn't "Nebuckanezzer" It's Nabu-Achad-Enez-Ahar and it means.....

Meshack: Got it, no sweat bro, we'll just ride the wave.



Meshack: What a son of a bitch. All I did was be nice and this is what happens. How about this shit Obendago?

Obendago: I told you my name is....

Meshack: Yeah whatever bro. I'm just saying this sucks. If only that slave girl what's-her-name had backed me up.

Shadrack: That was the king's daughter you idiot! And you sexually molested her! Now we're cooked! You fool! I told you to let me do the talking.

Meshack: Hey fondling some ass can hardly be construed as sexual...hey is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

Shadrack: I can't talk to you anymore. Obed-Nago, can you see a way out of this?

Obendago: Oh, all the sudden somebody knows my name? Are you sure I'm not "Bowana" or Eddie Murpy?
Shadrack and Meshack together: Who's Eddie Murpy?



King: Put more wood in, it's not working.

Fiery Furnace Engineer: I can't understand it. They should be incinerated. The plans were approved by congressional committee.

King: Did you try putting more wood in?

Fiery Furnace Engineer: It's just unfathomable. The supply chain, the aggregate demand, the liquification of the debt, it all should have worked.

King: For the last time, did you try putting more wood in the fire?

Fiery Furnace Engineer: That's the thing. We don't have any more wood but we used our futures on wood to diversify into other commodities.

King: Such as?

Fiery Furnace Engineer: Milk, butter and eggs.
King: OK, that does it, I am out of patience today.



Meshack: Man am I glad the king found that engineer to throw into the fire. Obendago, how did you work that one out?

Shadrack: Yeah thanks Obed-Nago, that was amazing, how did you do it?

Obendago: Before I answer, I want to know if you know the parable of the kindly Samaritan.

Shadrack: Hey, I'm part Samaritan!

Obendago: The story goes this idiot gets the shit beaten out of him and after that it's the Samaritan's problem. It's a good story. Here, allow me to demonstrate.

Meshack: Ah, this is all purely metaphorical, right?

Shadrack: I just knew today was gonna be a bummer.

Notes: Book of Daniel.

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