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4409 -- Phoenix Pirate threatens Arrest over Vaccine = Poison Sign!

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This video is NOT's pro-peace officer. Two Phoenix Pirate code enforcers Lenawoski #9425 and Barton #8445 threaten find any reason at all to arrest me because I wanted to hold a Vaccines = Poison sign on 7th ave and I-10 sidewalk.
Then they claim no officer in the police department has business cards? What the hell is going on in this country?
Call their Supervisor at the Catus Park Precinct Sgt. Heather Maldonado at 602-534-0436 and tell her that the officers should apologize and NOT use the force government to violate a persons first amendment right or bully people
Claiming to follow someone around just find a reason to arrest someone is completely uncalled for and seems to be norm from these two. I can gurantee this is not the first time they "made stuff up" to arrest someone.
I have to wonder if the sign said something "praising" the Phoenix Police Department if the outcome would have been the same?
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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Show the video to their children,their neighbors,their clergy.

Do you ever wonder where,or,how they find such idiots?

These types will be America`s first enemy to knock down...they are mindless...I have more respect for Ho Chi Minn.

Comment by Robert Dunn
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After watching the video i was pissed enough to call in and complain to the Sargent, however, when I went online to the Phx PD site, navigated to "Cactus Park Precinct", it turns out that the boundaries of that precinct aren't in the area of the 2 fellows who were hassled. Either someone has their stories incorrect or there's a couple of officers who arent telling the truth, or these 2 cops were off their beat. Not sure which, but I'd like to find out where they were from so I can call in to gripe, bitch and complain about trampling on our rights. BTW, there was not Sgt Heather Maldonado listed under "neighborhood Team Supervisors". 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Actually that is DPS' jurisdiction, not PHX PD as we have been told. 

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