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4409 -- "How to sneak past a NAZI Checkpoint"

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The border patrol would be better off if they were on the actual border and stop the pretend a border. If you like checkpoints you are a liberal and love to beg for government protection. How to sneak past a NAZI Checkpoint..."its so easy"!

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Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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Actually the best way to "sneak Past" a Border check Point is to raise a lot of ruckus all around the state at Pizza places etc with the "homeland" agents. This results in all sorts of trumped legal issues and mug shots to be distributed thru-out all the Border Patrol check points. That Homeland agent just recognized you from the “hot sheet” and was not wanting to get his healthy Pizza and coke cola lunch disrupted. As you know they have to keep in top condition in order to chase Mexicans on foot. 200 miles north of the border... I think they need to be handing out "Olympic medals" to all the Mexicans that can make it that far with out being detected bythese "top notch constitutional rapist agents"..  

Comment by Anonymous
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 You didn't sneak past.  He heard your honky Kansas accent and let you past.  Don't misrepresent.

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