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This song is called Bear Dance.
We are so incredibly fortunate that the speaker gives us just enough explanation to understand what this song is, but we can tell certain things about it.
First of all, the rhythm is kept by either Deer or Turtle shell rattles. We can also tell this was teaching song because when the brothers go "RAAAA" they are scaring the children to make things exiting and dramatic. In the old days, this was Saturday Night At The Movies.
Of particular interest to me is the word for "bear" here because from an early age, I was told the word for bear is "Eeya". And since then I have been up and down this continent and nobody but nobody calls bear "Eeya" anymore and people started to doubt me and I started to doubt muself but here we have bear as "Eeyo".
Now here is the trippy part. We found this song in the national achives and our brother Levi made us aware of it becuase he is part Cherokee and this is his great-grandfather. This song is literally given to us through the generations. But we cannot decipher it's meaning. I shit you not.
In the middle of this song, the singer speaks words we cannot translate. It's not Cherokee. It's not any language we can identify so far. But I love it an I hope you do too.
In the language of our people, minktuya Oyate, Micaje Oyate, inshinkeen neonerat. These could be the first time these words are seen in print.
Inshinkin neonerat, inshinkin neonerat, inshinkin neonerat, inshinkin neonerat, Willigishk'u.

Beloved brothers and sisters, as I post this link, copy it down so it is part of your treasures. This is all we have to give. This is our most precious gift and I give it to you now.
Ya hey yeguwey ya-hey, ya hey yegweh ya-hey, ya-hey, ya hey yeguweh ya hey
And now everybody join in for the chorus:
Eeyo hey-haganu hey haganu hey haganu eeyo.
Eeyo hey haganu heyo,
Eeyo hey haganu hey haganu eeyo.

Hey you! There is a reason why. Because we love you that's why. We love you and that is why this voice comes to you through the generations. This is your song now.

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Comment by Budda Roll
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 Thank you so much for sharing this. Buddaroll

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