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Obama parody so funny "I will follow him" Obama the christ

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Will you follow him off the cliff and follow the enslavement of your children and grandchildren?

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Comment by Joe D Gorman
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Its not your fault, but the "I will follow video" version you have posted was stolen by Alex Jones, who edited out the creator's credits and claimed it as his own.  

I am flattered that everyone likes it.  But The Original is here  posted 6/22/09

Copyright Joe Dan Gorman, JoeDanMedia

Alex Jones is a fraud and a thief.  We appreciate your assistance in helping us fight copyright infringement.

Thank you for your time.

All the best

Joe Dan Gorman

Comment by Shawn Adams
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Unfortunately the person who appears in the credits to this video did not create it. It was created by Joe Gorman and the original credits have been deleted and this person is claiming credit for something he did not do. The link to the original video is on 


Comment by Jim Lorenz
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 Satire, like humor, is only effective if it is based on truth.

I'd like to see this on every PC screen in the world; it, sadly, does reflect the truth to the point of mental pain.

It's very well done, music & art work together, all legible.

I especially liked the closing shot of the dog blessing the Obama sign, for those who may have missed the point.

These people should do dozens more!

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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I laughed so hard i spit pop on my monitor...lloloolol