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No wonder America is in trouble did you know that National Debt=Wealth?

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Pete Stark thinks it does! I also wanted to tell readers about this site. I find so much good information on it and it is easy and free to subscribe. Christopher Martenson, PhD, is an American scientist who has done research in biochemistry, neurotoxicology, applied pharmacologyand in vitro techniques. He received his doctorate in neurotoxicology in the Duke University in 1994 with his thesis Acrylamide neurotoxicity: effect on neuronal growth cones and axonal fast transport, and completed a post-doctoral programme at that university in 1995–1997 where he specialised in neuronal signal transduction and transport. Martenson also holds an MBA degree from Cornell University (1998) and is a fellow of the Post Carbon Institute.[5]

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Comment by Dan Stone
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 Yes, he is a prime example of our problem here in the USA. He needs a good boot in the ass and then he needs to be treated with tar and feathers and then sent off to Iraq.

Nothing personal all you Iraq people reading this, I just think that you would much better know what to do with this poor example of a human being than the stupid peoples of the USA.

Please forgive me for wanting to send him to you.


Comment by Frank Jorge
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Pete Stark is exactly why the USA is in trouble.

His condescending attitude and abuse of the person interviewing him reveals the disdain that he harbors not just for the interviewr but for all Americans. Stark makes no sense and at the end resorts to vulgarity and a threat to physically throw out the interviewr who could probably knock Starks wrinkled ass out if push came to shove. Pete Stark, a loser. Vote his ass out.

Comment by j. michaels
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 Stark is a perfect example of what the elected officials think of the citizens in the USA.Self centered,self important,rude,classless and totally ignorant.We must vote this garbage out before it is too late.

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