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Jim and Ben Kaiser found and arrested in Florida

Written by Subject: Arizona's Top News
This press release was received by me and posted here with minor editing:

Ben Kaiser age 9, was allegedly kidnapped by his own father James Kaiser of Mesa, AZ on May 21st, 2009.

Ben's mother Shelly Griffin told the courts that Ben had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) which was diagnosed by a pediatrician and not a psychiatrist.

Ben's father lost most of his visitation rights and the rights to all his son's education and medical decisions, because he refused to comply with the courts order to medicate his son for ADD.

The Judge ordered Jim undergo a psychiatric evaluation as well.  When he failed to do so they threatened to take all parental rights away except supervised visits.   Knowing nine year old Ben would be compelled to take daily mind altering drugs his father decided to remove him from danger. 

A felony warrant for kidnapping was issued for Jim Kaiser on August 5, 2009 by the FBI, and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children had posted Ben as endangered.

News has now surfaced that Jim was pulled over in a car without his son yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and arrested.  He had been working as a handyman in exchange for room and board.  Angela his employer had Ben at the time that Jim was pulled over. 

Angela told me Ben was a well adjusted child who loved to play with her own grandchildren, and that his father worked hard to provide for Ben and was educating him at home.  She was unaware of the entire legal controversy surrounding the father and his son. 

I am very concerned for Ben at time of this posting because now Ben is really endangered because Shelly Griffin will force feed him mind altering drugs and indoctrinate Ben into believing his Father was harming him not protecting him.

Angela (Jim's employer) also said she asked Ben about his mother and he told her "I don't want to live with her anymore and have to take medicine."  How is it the family courts can force a parent to medicate a child for an illness that is not even properly diagnosed by the proper health care professional?
I like how the AZ Republic knowingly prints this crap:
"Griffin said she didn't understand why Kaiser disappeared with their son."
She may have said it, but that does not mean the AZ Republic didn't know full well what the issue is, but deliberately chose not to inform their paying readers of it.  Some newspaper.
KPHO gets over phone interview with the woman Jim & Ben were staying with:
"I'm upset about the whole situation because Ben was very happy with his father," said Glad.  Glad, who said she's still in Kaiser's corner, described him as a good father and said he did not approve of his son's prescribed medication."  While he was here, Ben was a very well behaved child without drugs, he was mentally stimulated, he was home-schooled and his father only had the best interests for him," said Glad.
While the other networks appear to have covered the story a day after KPHO, only they seem to have bothered to seek more than perfunctory information.  Nice job.
Case Information
Case Number:S-0700-CR-2009151915 view case minutes
Title:St of AZ Vs. James KaiserCategory:Unknown
Court:Maricopa County SuperiorFiling Date:08/05/2009
Judge:UNKNOWNDisposition Date:

JAMES ANTHONY KAISER    DEFENDANT  -  D 2 Date of Birth: 12/1965
Citation Count Description Disp. Date Disposition



Case Activity Date Description Party
08/05/2009 DCO - Direct Complaint D 2
08/05/2009 DCO - Direct Complaint P 1

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Comment by Sonny Sayler
Entered on:

I had the pleasure to meet Jim & Ben briefly on a couple of occasions via a mutual friend. I don't know all the details of their case, but was aware that Jim had taken the heroic step to stand up for his parental rights and to protect his child. While I only met Jim briefly, he came across as a genuine and decent guy and our mutual friend spoke highly of him on many occasions. I was diagnosed at the age of 36 with ADD, and upon learning more about it, now realize that I had it as a child as well. I am currently taking Adderal. It has been very helpful in helping me to focus and complete daily tasks that were once an issue. I have a 7 year old son and while he has not been formally diagnosed, I am sure that he too has ADD. I would never even consider drugging my child. I take the medication under my own free will with knowledge of the many risks/side-effects that may and have occured. As an adult I don't have the support system that a child with a loving parent like Jim and myself to assist me in dealing with the challenges that ADD can pose. If I had such a parent when I was a child and had been educated about why I was "different", I am sure that I would not need this medication today. In the absense of such a parent, prescription medication may be beneficial. I feel that Jim is educated about ADD and it's effects on the life of his son. I also feel that Jim loves his son dearly. Therefore, it is probably not necessary for Ben to be on prescription drugs. With that said, I have no say in this matter...and the State of Arizona should have even less of a say on the matter. ADD and it's effects are not life threatening and many kids such as myself, have and will grow up to be productive and successful adults. Peolple with ADD have many positive traits such as being creative and passionate, and have an unstopable curiosity of new and novel things. This is one of the reasons why a high percentage of us start business' and make this world a better place. It's time for Americans to stand up to the governments that wish to replace the decisions of parents...especially when there is no threat of life or limb on our children! Kudos Jim!

Comment by Angela Glad
Entered on:

Over the last 3 months that I came to know Jim, I just have to say that not only do I feel this man is a hero to have attempted to save his son, but I feel he is the type of man we need to help save this country!!!

He is a "whatever it takes" kind of guy.  A man of quality and integrity.  I just pray that the Justice system doesn't fail him and Ben again.   I hope that everyone that knows him writes to the Judges that will be hearing his cases and will also show up in court.  I hope that someone out there knows a Really Good Attorney that would be willing to take this case either Pro Bono or Just in of support of the cause.   No matter if you are effected directly at this moment by this drug issue or not.  Sooner or later you will be.  It might not be your child, but it could be your grandchild.  Or your neighbors child or even you.

No doubt you will be effected by this at some point down the road if it doesn't stop..  We must put a stop to it now!!

Years ago when the kids had too much energy, we sent them outside to play ball or tag or something else.  Now the parents are sending them to their room drugged up.  Shut up and be quiet!!  Our society is creating monsters and drug heads that will be living on the system, because they are so drug dependant they cant work!  Yes, thats right, if you have a drug habit, and can't work because of it, you can collect disability.   Dahh!!

How does that make you feel now!

Like donating to the cause, instead of letting this situation become the norm for our children.  We need to step in and get involved for the Love of God!!!  

If someone didn't take a stand we would lose our children to drugs.  Thank you Jim. 

The drug companies don't make money unless they are selling drugs, and the doctors don't make money unless they keep you coming back for more perscriptions.

Thank you Jim, Thank you for Taking A Stand!! You are a Hero in my book.  I hope I can help you and Ben in some way. 


Comment by Jason J
Entered on:

 I think I recall hearing that Ben was on Adderall for ADD.

One of the MANY side effects of Adderall are stunted growth.


Did you notice that in the video his mother said  "He's taller now"?

Well imagine that, you havn't been allowed to put that poison into his body since May!


Comment by Jim Kaiser
Entered on:

You seem to know a lot here Barb, or at least you seem to think you do.

But making silly comments like the one you just did shows that you really no nothing about what's been going on here.

I'm out to stop the posioning of my son with mind-numbing meds, whatever that may take.

If you want to get into the issue of who tried to keep Ben from who before all this happened, feel free to bring it on, but I should warn you, I've got just a little bit more information about those details than you do.

Comment by Barb H
Entered on:

You know - this is simply amazing that you can somehow EXHALT a man for kidnapping a child - whether his own or not!!!  There is a reason the courts took his rights away folks......this is not the first time he's prevented his son from seeing his mother!!  He started this crap BEFORE the medication issue - so get your facts straight and your heads back where they belong!! 

Comment by Charzhome S.
Entered on:

Alice's idea is a very good one.We _do_ need some sort of underground railroad, because the victim count...continues to mount, and WE are divided & not united, (unfortunately).

Comment by Alice Lillie
Entered on:

Way to go Jim. I hope Ben is still safe, altho the article did not make that clear.

There is a good homeschooling article on today. By Claire Wolff I believe that lists some resources for Jim and Ben. Anyone who can should refer that to them.

Also, a good resource for resisting forced psychiatric drugging is Mindfreedom, out of Oregon. More leftists than libertarians, but still a good source. See

One reader is right: where is the freedom movement? I think a new underground railroad is going to be indespensible for this situation and any number of other needs.

Comment by Andrea Garcia
Entered on:

The AZRepublic refused to even allow comments after I posted the real reson Jim took Ben, At least the East Valley Tribune let me put comments up. Please help this story(the real story ) get out. Blog about it call news stattions(so called news) and Let's get Jim the heros attention he deserves. I promised him if he got caught I would make this story blow up so what he did was not in vain. What did he do? He told the Almighty Court System to go pound sand and they didnt like that. Plain and simple. Pray for ben as he is now being force medicated by his loving mother.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Yeah that's a good one, where are all the militia and patriots to "protect" parents like this?

Well, to tell you candidly, the caverly did mount up and they rode stright out to meet up with John Wayne and the guy who blows the bugle. Everybody knows you can't do a proper caverly charge without John Wayne in the lead and the guy blowing the bugle. But John Wayne and Mr. Bugle didn't show up. Plus the guys only had the horses rented for a day and had to give them back.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

They are smart enough to know not to get in between sparing spouses over issues involving their offspring. 

Comment by freedom fromgovparents
Entered on:

Where is the Militia or Patriots to protect parents like this? 

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

I don't blame Jim at all...he is courageous and a true father that cares about his son. 

He was attempting to keep these lunatics ( the courts) from destroying Bens brain with dangerous addictive drugs like Ritilin and Tranquilizers. These include the Benzodiazepines, known by trade names such as Valium, Xanax, Serax, Ativan

NO kids at his age should be doped up on dangerous drugs like the court is trying to force down his sons throat.

Just because they are prescription does not make them any less dangerous. Ask his liver in 10 years whether it was not dangerous!

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