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4409 -- Renee Goes off on some NAZI Checkpoint guards!

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Signs for the NAZI checkpoint...Renee goes off on some Border Patrol NAZI checkpoint Agents....

The border patrol should be on the actual BORDER and if you believe that ACLU propaganda that the constitution does not exist 100 miles from the border you're a complete moron.


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Comment by Bob Bob
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That Rosa Parks thing is totally apples and oranges. It's like saying that you

shouldn't  go to the movies because Hitler did, and a compass is used to to tell you

which direction your headed and drafting something such as designs for buildings or

houses. If you want to get your point across, which I highly doubt you will, you 

need to stop acting like a bunch of High school drop outs with an endless supply of

spray paint and poster board.
















Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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"To taze and search without probable cause".

That's my girl!  Well done RH4512!

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