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The Motorhome Diaries Requests Your Assistance

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For the past several months, members of The Motor Home Diaries have been traveling across the country in search of freedom in America. Through their journey, the MHD crew have met hundreds of liberty minded individuals and had the opportunity to conduct dozens of amazing interviews with liberty activists and scholars. One of the key components to this operation is their motorhome, MARV (the Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle).
While traveling over 15,000 miles thus far, MARV's feet are beginning to wear and tare. With all four tires showing cracks on their sidewall's, it's only a matter of time until MARV's tires give way.
MARV needs her two outside rear tires replaced. This surgery can cost up to $600. 

Between legal fees (read more of MHD's encounter with police brutality here), gas prices and food expenses, The Motorhome Diaries bank account has very little funds left. If MHD replaces their two tires today, they would be left with an account balance of $0. The lack of funds may cause The Motor Home Diaries to cut their journey short.
This is why The Motorhome Diaries crew is requesting for your assistance. Please contribute to their "chip-in" and help MARV stay on her feet so the Motorhome Diaries can continue there quest for freedom in America


Without tires, The Motorhome Diaries would become The Walking Home Diaries. Keene, NH is just to far to hoof from Jones County.

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