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And the award for most melodramatic congressman goes to....

Written by Nick Bravo Subject: Government
 As an actor I have a trained eye for when someone is putting on a show. I wonder if representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) has his SAG card because his next stop is no doubt the red carpet for such an overly dramatic attempt to push the illusion of the right/left paradigm into the minds to the average person. It's true that the vast majority of people are realizing that the democrats and republicans are controlled by the mega-corporations and banks. Joe Wilson to the rescue, his lord and savior Barack Obama was spewing obvious nonsense and scare stories, the public wasn't buying it and despite the overdone rousing applaud from congress each time Obama said what his corporate masters told him to it was obvious to Joe Wilson and the other turncoat republicans that Obama was sinking fast. Never fear Joe Wilson (R-SC) is here "Liar!" he screamed and that earned him his bread and butter from the lobbyists that day. So now the left/right paradigm is now firmly back in place and republicans have been whipped into a frenzy of staged rage, while the democrats are indignant despite the fact that the shoe was on the other foot with Bush back in 2005 during his State of the Union Address. Let's be clear folks, regardless of what political party is in power they are both using the same playbook their corporate masters write to them. Take also into consideration the media that was simply indignant that someone dare question Obama, including local radio station talk hosts Mac and Gaydos who were verbally beside themselves that the president was actually criticized, they are part of the problem. Yes the media is traditionally the fourth branch of government and is now as controlled by corporations as every other branch of government, all of it designed to make the average person to believe that their watching a football game and not a group of thieves, liars, and thugs rob them blind through trickery and deception.

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Comment by Ben Nichols
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Good post, Nick. 

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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PS. Nick`re an Idiot.Who pay`s you to spread your crap.I guess the next place anyone sees you,you`ll be selling Pot`s and Pan`s on some "Shoppers Network"....Hollywood obviously dosn`t need you..for anything.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Obama has never lied to the American people...and I have some nice land in Fla for sale....$1000.00 per waterfront lot....send me you money now..I`ll meet you in you lot. 

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