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4409 -- Singer song writer STEVIE WONDER, 9/11 was an inside job!

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Remember NO plane hit WTC building 7

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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I just want to know how all those cameras knew to focus steady on bldg 7 in order to catch the collapse on film.

Comment by Found Zero
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Hey guys I'm not sure where is appropriate to post this but tomorrow is my wife Sushan's birthday.

I also posted my 9/11 story so today is bittersweet for...I guess all of us. But with you I pray that for something lost there is something gained and our brethren did not die in vain.

Brothers and sisters, I am drawn back to 1 Corith. 13 which includes (love) does not enumerate the evil.

So just to put an extra special downer trip on you, and in celebration of my wife's birthday, this total downer meditation:

Are we guilty of enumerating the evil in our hearts?

By the way, there is cake, candy and ice cream in the garage.

Comment by Charzhome S.
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This is the clincher and no further proof is necessary.  In other words,




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