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You Lie !

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I am amazed at the response I have seen about Joe Wilson's outburst in Congress last evening. We all scream daily about the lies and illegal acts done by our government yet when one man has the guts to publicly denounce a liar he is shunned by everyone? I personally think this was the best thing that anyone has done in years. Joe has stood and yelled his opposition to a blatant lie.

This is the type of a man I want representing me. One with the guts to confront anyone in any place when they put forth a false statement. Reading that Joe's opposition raised over $700,000 in campaign funds because of this outburst? It seems like Joe's campaign fund would have been bulging at the seams for his honesty and nerve to buck the politically correct liberal players in the game. Certainly not his oppositions.

The only part of this episode which saddened me was the fact that Joe was browbeaten into apologizing for telling the truth out loud. Why would we as a people want to have representives that sit and listen without even a whimper when they are lied to? Aren't they there to protect us from such trash as was on that podium ( Obama, Biden, Pelosi) posing as such upright dignified persons of moral and political persuasions?

I would have liked to see Joe stand in front of that camera and mike and yell again... Hell No I am not Sorry. He was lying to the people of this country and he needs to know I am not buying it.

I think his peers are ashamed of themselves for not having the guts to stand with him, it is easier to join the crowd of criminals who push these liars into power than to risk their taking any flack themselves. What a bunch of spineless cowards and traitors to the people who elect them to such a lucrative office.

People say we have to respect the office of the President? Why? We have a man in that office that we can't even prove is eligible to be there. We know he is a communist, we know he is appointing his criminal element friends who are also communists and not one of our representives has the balls to stand and say NO Stop... This is wrong.. This is a LIE... When we finally have a man who will we all turn our backs on him as a ill mannered rube.

I urge every one of you to send a check to Joe, Tell him you support him. We need people who are brave enough to risk everything for the people who elect him.

Joe go on television and retract your apology ! You have nothing to apologise for. The office of president has fallen into disrepair and disrespect long before you yelled LIAR. We know Obama was lying, you just had the nerve to make it public. Don't let us down by being corrupted into becoming another liability to the people you represent. The Congress is certainly not respected why would you worry about their respect, it is time to stop the phony adoration and admiration of criminals in a suit.

Thank you for being a man. Standing up for what you swore a oath to do.

Joe Wilson's contact information:

DC Office:
212 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-4002
Phone: 202-225-2452
Fax: 202-225-2455
Email: Joe.Wilson AT

District Office - Beaufort:
903 Port Republic Street
Beaufort, SC 29901
Phone: 843-521-2530
Fax: 843-521-2535

District Office - Columbia:
1700 Sunset Boulevard (United States 378), Suite 1
Post Office Box 7381
West Columbia, SC 29202
Phone: 803-939-0041
Fax: 803-939-0078

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Comment by Dave Hodges
Entered on:

 Should a man be villified for telling the truth?


Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
Entered on:

What Linda misses here completely is the fact that Obama was referring to the H.R. Bill that he will sign(H.R. 3200) as Wilson even admitted the next day that he was referring to another earlier version of the bill as he had not read 3200.. Obama was saying that he will not sign a bill that has that illegal alien status in it. just get the facts straight before you mis-interpreted Wilson's School yard outburst..which he will be reprimanded for the congressional record to set history straight. Wilson has done more to help get this Bill passed than obama's entire speech. 70% of America wants it..regardless of a few mis guided hot head rednecks from down south. And thats coming from a southerner.  

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