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4409 -- INSANE Dog KILLER on the loose...OMG

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4409 -- INSANE Dog MURDERER on the loose...OMG
Call Mark Langan at the Nebraska inHumane Society and email them this video. The Humane Society is out of control and they need to leave Mr. Palmer alone!

Nebraska Humane Society Office Hours:

8am-7pm Weekdays
8am-4pm Saturdays
Noon-4pm Sundays

Call Us: (402) 444-7800
Fax us: (402) 546-1476

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Comment by Charles Gillespie
Entered on:

Hey lil Dicky~

As a 'Newf' you seem to have a real problem everything concerning the Truth Movement...maybe you are better suited working for your pal the Feathered Bastard??

Why don't you just stay home??

Comment by Tom Westbrook
Entered on:

there's too many police with nothing to do.

Comment by Dick Rude
Entered on:

the felony here should be this dumb video.

Comment by Found Zero
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Wait am I reading this correctly? They tell the guy his dog is pretty much kaput and he should euthanize.

So the guy goes home, prepares a nice final resting place for Ruffy and they arrest him. For ostensibly killing the dog?

So it's OK for them to take the animal to a strange place with strange people and kill it, but it's not OK for the owner?

In the mountains we used to let nature take her course for the most part but if the animal was really suffering we'd put a bullet in the back of their heads. But this was always a very private moment, one which caused grief to the owner.

Comment by Charles Gillespie
Entered on:

Mark Langan and his 'lone ranger sunglasses' makes him appear very sinister. Perhaps his passion for pets goes FAR beyond the scope of 'normal'??

This whole scam reeks of a serious waste of finite resources and abuse of our public 'servants'...who apparently were 'only following orders', (in my best Nazi accent!)

 If one were to set up shop dealing drugs, prostitution or ??? then that little town would be the perfect haven, since they have NOTHING BETTER TO DO EXCEPT EXTORT $$ FOR FOOLISH NONSENSE!!

What the 'F' is this world coming too???

Comment by Joel Turner
Entered on:

Standing .... Cause of Action ....

Of which they ( the city) has neither

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