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Phoenix Tea Party 9/12/09

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Part 1 of 2
John sets up a lemonade stand and the floor mat is a UN Flag.  Obama needs to take a time out.  When all else fails "vote from the rooftops"  Nick Coons gives an introduction and the crowd is happy he is running against Harry Mitchell.  Nick takes a couple questions.
Part 2 of 2 Morpheus make a statement regarding the attacks surrounding the 9/11.  "There is a great deal of inconsistencies surrounding the attacks of 9/11 and suggests that the attacks were instigated by our own government."  He then asks the panel about the speech which Karen Johnson made on the floor of the senate about the same inconsistencies and what the state of Arizona was going to do to investigate this.
Of course he was shot down by the respondent.  However the issue was again raised.  As Morpheus is walking in front of the crowd he shouts "9/11 was an inside job".
Then Morpheus interviews the "Feathered Bastard"  Steven Lemons, From Phoenix New Times.  Steven actually congratulates Morpheus on his bravery.  Morpheus then gives Steven a interview.

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Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Funny how my comments have been disappearing as of late?

Triple 9 must be in the house!

Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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Steve Lemmons is a cool guy with some intellect and willing to have open discussions. All I have heard about him here on this WEB site is nothing but school yard name calling which is the usual norm for the Tea Baggers mind set. Apparently primarily because he was attempting an interview with a Pastor from a Church advocating for "Obama's death" through a right wing gun toting Church association. Thomas should have been better prepared to standoff the right wing Tea baggers unfocused anger about everything including 9/11 facts. Thomas should have mentioned the 10 quick facts etc about 9/11. but thanks for trying..  

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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 I would like to add the following:

 A  merry band of Arizonans were front and center at the Phoenix TEA Party 9/12/09 representing the RON PAUL R3VOLUTION Campaign For Liberty  and CameraFraud.  Approx 25 of us assembled under Annette's shade tent, thanks to Shawn D. for establishing the primo site really early. Manning three tables, we were well received and gave away tons of DVD's. We sold lots of masks, t-shirts, pocket Constitutions, etc. Visitors to our booth gave us positive feedback, signed our various petitions and gave us generous donations! Also, we gave away approx. 30 Ron Paul blimps to the kiddies which two of us blew up on site. Whew! "   Sunburned, tired and happy we were among the last to leave the grounds.  I estimated 2,500 people attended the event.    Best, Jeanne
Comment by Found Zero
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Boy the people just love you Tom.

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