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4409 -- We don't owe you sh%t Obama!

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Tell Obama and the previous administrations...
Its NOT your babies debt!
You or your children NEVER authorized unconstitutional bailouts of private banks!
You or your children NEVER authorized the unconstitutional stimulus money handed out to their thug friends!
You or your children never authorized a unconstitutional war that was NEVER declared by congress!
The constitution is a contract and they (congress) violated the terms of the contract. Thus the contract is void to whomever agrees it is null and void!
So why should you or your children have to foot the bill for their crap......YOU never authorized? 
WE DO NOT OWE THE DEBT...the wonderful members of congress do!
Donate to the cause and get the "Its not my debt" baby shirt. Just donate $12 to the 4409 liberty fund at and we will send you one of these "Its not my debt" baby shirts... $9 at the studio...We have in stock 2T/3T and 4T.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Priceless! on so many levels :)

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