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Food for thought Judge Napolitano

Written by Subject: Obama Administration
I read the Jim Rogers article Mr. Hancock posted this morning and remembered this clip from June. As Judge Napolitano notes in the video , if the proposals Obama is calling reform regulations are pushed onto the American people today are implemented it will amount to a final coup d’état by the banksters and their technocrats and enforcers at the Federal Reserve, the unconstitutional and privately held FED bankster cartel operation that masquerades as a government agency. These 'reforms' would install a dictatorial regulatory power by the international bankers over the entire U.S. economy think about it right down to the local grocer and the hot dog vendor on the corner. At the same time the regulations masking as "reform" do NOTHING to force them to comply but for you it will require you to ask permission for the most mundane and routine of financial transactions. It will control your life down to the smallest detail. Does anyone else smell a wiff of BO's Fascism permeating through these so called reform regulations?