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Birther or Anti-Birther? Ask Pelosi!

Written by Subject: Obama Administration
 You need to read the attachments carefully and pay careful attention to the details.  The first attachment is what the DNC drafted for distribution to its national delegates.  The second attachment, drafted at the same time is what was filed with the 50 states for ballot access in the general election.
The truth about Obama lies in the DIFFERENCE between these two documents.  Read very carefully.
As a comparison a grand total of *1* document was produced by the Republican Party and filed with the 50 states for ballot access.  See the differences?  Third attachment.
Wouldn't it be interesting to get a certified copy of what was filed with Jan Brewer, Secretary of State (AZ) at the time?  We might be able to see if she performed the due dilligence required of her job at the time or if she possibly was negligent and/or participated in a fraud upon the citizens of Arizona.
What would that mean for her governorship?  And for the people (incl. McCain) who support her?  

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Comment by Frank Henry
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I can not see the dif...What is the dif...and,

what does it prove to you.




Comment by Jerry Alexander
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If Pelosi wants to punish someone..why dosn`t she just make them view her in the shower at 5:00 am....with Barney Frand.

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