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4409 -- HOV lane FRAUD (caught on video)

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From the offset many will ask why I would waste my time making this video. I made it because I wanted to show you how your beloved government officials steal things that you paid.
I say...give us our damn lane back!

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HOV lanes are the pre-course to TOLL roads. I am warning you NOW of the coming toll roads in Phoenix.

THE TOLL ROADS ARE COMING unless you get off your ASS and stop the legislature from stealing YOUR SHIT!

HOV lanes, commuter lanes or whatever the hell you want to call them they are a complete fraud and waste of taxpayers money.

This is a road the government confiscated and turned over to a special group of people and that group of people DON'T INCLUDE YOU! Unless: you're a cop, judge, lawyer, their family members or lucky enough to drive one of the cars the legislature deemed worthy.

Why should you pay the tax to build a road NO ONE IS UNTILIZING especially in rush hour causes traffic to back up. Furthermore its also dangerous because it creates wide speed changes.

What is the role of government?

ARTICLE II. of the Arizona Constitution.
2. Political power; purpose of government

2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

Now DPS (Department of Public Safety) is a government agency and it is supposed to be about safety correct?

Well if this is true then why are they enforcing HOV lane violations that has absolutely no safety value what so ever and has nothing to do with protecting and maintaining my individual rights?

How does driving in the scam HOV lane a safety issue and worthy of a $500 slave fine.

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Comment by Don Cordell
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 They are planning the same crap in the city of Los Angeles, fee's up to $1.25/mile, varied as to time of day and traffic congestion. Of course to bill us will require someway to identify our cars, and something to read those tags, those items could be damaged by outraged citizens, if we are careful. We must fight back to these traitors who only see the citizens as cash cows.

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