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A piece of S**t is right! Obama Gravy Train for Illegal Aliens...

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Rep. Boehner calls this bill a piece of S**t. I would call it worse!!! In addition this bill will help erode our sovereignty. At a time when our country is in a near Depression with obamas stimulous his plans for Cap and Tax which will add over $1,700 to Americans bills does this make any sense at all ? Lou Dobbs explains...

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Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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This will make your blood boil.

40% of the money that illegals use to live on is atributed to EITC. they have no problem giving a false SS# to file and if they have (or clame) 2 or more kids...they get over $ from the taxpayer...and by the time the IRS finds out it was fraud...the Illegal alien has already filed and received the money for the next year...using different SS# (or TIN#s)

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