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4409 -- Teacher threatens 4th grader after she refuses pledge

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Remember what "they" are asking you to pledge allegiance to? Is it to the corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?
Why should someone be forced (via punishment by failure of classes) to have allegiance to a fictitious corporation that has been running amuck since 1859.
This is a 4409 exclusive..first interview with the nine year old Phoenix 4th grader who was threatened with class failure by her teacher if she did not put her hand over her heart and sing the pledge of allegiance 

Samantha, a brave Phoenix 4th grade school student refused to sing the pledge of allegiance because she did not feel comfortable pledging allegiance to a war flag that promoted violence and aggresion towards others.
The teacher then threatens the young girl with class failure if she did not participate with the other students. 
Samamtha stood her ground and the school was actually forced to call the Pentagon for clarification on the two flags!
I'm pretty sure Samantha has allegiance....but only to the Original [u]nited State of America and the civill flag which goes with it.
Please visit this link for info about the two different flags --

Samantha stated that she would sing the pledge of allegiance with the civil peace flag that was hung in honor.

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Comment by D. Reed
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Kudos to the youngster for courage, and to her parents for teaching real history instead of just militaristic propaganda.

Comment by Sue Bush
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this is so cool - imagine if it catches on in a wave across the country. This little girl is amazing. YAY! 

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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 That little girl is there anyway we can get her to run for Governor?

Peace Flags for EVERYONE!!

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