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4409 -- AZ license Plate UPC bar code

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Video showing the new AZ license Plate UPC bar codes.
I wonder if this had anything to do with Rep Andy  Biggs introducing that bill to get people to remove their plate  frames? Maybe thats a bit of stretch....anyway I digress!
This is how they get away with crap like this.
They start out small and slow hoping you will not care...then all the sudden the bar code will get bigger and bigger and bigger.
If they did it all at once you would march in the streets. These folks know what they are doing. Its the slow burn technique.
In my opinion this is so they can untilize that license plate recognition software easier in the future.
They will send code enforcers ( low-paid snitches ) throughout diferrent neighborhoods and apartment complexes with optical scanners just like they use at walmart....its 1984 baby!
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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Just last year the Gov't made Lic Plate Frames illegal... I guess this is why.

Comment by Freed Radical
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I'm as suspicious of government as the next guy, but with OCR on the scameras, why have bar codes? The snoopy bureaucrat can already track people with OCR technology on the plate number itself. I'm guessing the bar codes are for internal inventory control at DMV. As an aside, I asked a DMV chick about a month ago why they got away from the cooler stamped & raised characters on the plates. She told me the machinery for making those plates was more than 50 years old and generated significant "pollution." They changed over to the flat painted plates for "environmental" reasons. Please don't take any of my comments to mean that I endorse "licensing" of either drivers or vehicles, because I most definitely do not. Eric New

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Man they need better ink on that bar code, it just fades away in this AZ sun;-) 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Actually they made the lettering flat specifically for automated plate readers that had a harder time with the raised lettering of the old plates. A fact I believe 4409 put out a while back. 

You are just being paranoid.  A wonderful guy like Andy Biggs would never propose and pass legislation that harmed and looted his voters.  . .. .. Would he?

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