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Will You Obey?

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Will You Obey? 
The course of our Nation is in our hands, it always has been and we ignored the responsibility of knowing what was going on within our own government. Trust is one of the best and worst attributes of the American people. We fight for the Underdog, have sympathy for people with less than we and give freely. We seem to trust until we are betrayed instead of demanding accountability and proof of someones honesty, morality and credibility in the first place.

We as a people have been taught to always look for the good in a person and told over and over that there is always something good within someone even the rotten and demented, we just need to look deep enough to find it ?

This has proven to be our downfall. We have allowed the deceitful, lying, plotting downright evil men and women to become the elite. These folks have the ability to portray themselves as decent, they put on that honest face in the morning while underneath they are conniving for power, money and attention. If we had looked carefully into their eyes, the mirror of their soul, we would have seen something there that would have or should have caused us to think twice. These arrogant self centered faux humans laugh and giggle at the act they are putting on and that they have fooled the nation, stripped it of it's wealth, driven it's people into a class system worse than any in the world as it isn't outwardly visible. We are not free and haven't been for a long time and didn't even know it.

People have been so programmed by these elites and their minions that we are able to be herded like sheep or lemmings, quietly accepting that maybe these people know what is best for all. There are no more individual characteristics.

White people especially are the underdogs of today, we have accepted guilt for being white? for slavery? for war? for what ever has happened it is the white person that has been at fault. Our children are taught from infancy at the day care centers they are second class and their parents are stingy, ignorant and uncaring for the minorities. Racism has taken over our world. The white kids today seem to want to become multicultural, their dress is a copy of the black gangs with speech that is hardly understandable by the parents who are just too damn busy to see what their kids are wearing and talking about.

Think back a few years, the black community was respected and emulated then also but look at the difference in the players. I grew up with rock and roll, the black people ruled the music world and with good cause, they were talented, beautiful and proud of themselves. They dressed well, you never saw them with their hair out of place or clothes that were not the sharpest to be had. Clean, neat and courteous to everyone and my Lord they had the talent and knowledge to put the best side forward. None swore or used vile language to gain attention they didn't need to, they had real true talent. Their families were a tight knit unit, with undivided respect for their parents.

The elite has managed to remove children from the parents control and placed them into the hands of radical liberal elitists by way of the day care centers, kindergarten, grade school TV and cartoons, etc, by the time our children are in Middle School they are inundated with music that is not music, talentless actors and phony hero's all pointing them at ignorance and obedience to the elitists. Boys with their cracks showing in over sized pants looking like clowns are the norm now all with a hand held device to keep them bee bopping along life in step with the music of defiance, sex, feeling happy all the time and no responsibility for their actions. Drugs keep them under control, no need to think, just follow the crowd. Girls who by the age of 10 look like street walkers, body piercings, tattoos, with no thought of self respect, no signs of modesty or hints they may become the Mothers of the future with their own off spring to guide and nourish.

We as parents and grand parents have given up our rights and responsibility to raise up our children to reflect our own beliefs and morals. It was just easier to allow the gradual erosion of our duty to bring up these children as a reflection of our own past and pride. We have become simply a method of support for " slaves to the system" we pay the bills yet have no rights to restrict, reprimand or educate.


It is time for adults of good conscience to take back the reins of control over our own children. Take them out of the system, some I am afraid are too far gone to be able to change, but, the younger children who have not been brainwashed and are still fresh and eager to learn can be home schooled and taught the principles they need to have to be good adults, intelligent adults, and adults that can think for themselves, be proud of themselves as AMERICANS not the multi cultural mish mash of the world. We are different, we have had hundreds of years of struggle to become individuals with pride in our country and the freedoms our ancestors envisioned for us all. We are not White Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans... WE ARE SIMPLY AMERICANS !

Isn't it time to take back control of our children? If we do this one thing the whole country will change, not overnight but just as it has evolved into the state of disgusting behavior it is today, slowly and unnoticeable until we are once again in charge of our own lives and family. It won't be easy and won't be quick but it will work.

Many of us feel that the only way to do this is to gather into groups, villages, towns, neighborhoods where we share the same beliefs. It is time to retreat and gather strength and direction. By retreat I don't mean to run away but to stop trying to change the world, just do it within your own area, with people you know and trust. Be a example to others who can then do the same thing. it can spread like a virus..

Our group has chosen to live in Texas, build our own village, grow our own food, produce our own power and to absolutely stop feeding the beast of big government. We have had lots of aggravation, lots of bad things said about our project, we have been called racist, cultish etc and yet we have weathered the storm and are on the very edge of becoming a village of people who love their freedoms, love the constitution and above all love their family.

On Saturday the 26th we will be opening the gates to the property and members can come in and pick out their home sites, meet their neighbors and have fun along with some work. We won't be having a large fancy BBQ but a modest one with hot dogs, chips, slaw and cool drinks plus a lot of conversations among all of us. Many will be coming in their RV's, bringing in tents or staying in a nearby town in a motel. It will be a fun time when we finally get to put screen names with real faces.

Our first objective is getting the wells dug which will be going on during the week end, planning on our gardens and pasture sites and getting everything planned out as to how we will be secure in our new homes.

Hopefully we will be setting a good example for others to follow to insure their family has food, shelter and good water in the future we all see as so insecure and dangerous.

There is still space available to people who want a better future for America. People who are willing to put forth the effort to enhance our future. People who are able to throw off the commercial lies we have been fed and know we can live without the drugs, fast foods, media hype of products that are killing us daily. People who can do much as our ancestors did to carve out a good life with work, laughter, honesty, love and respect of self and others.

Look at what we are doing !

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