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The governments malicious sham trial against 4409 begins TODAY! 1:00pm

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
The corporation called STATE OF ARIZONA's malicious sham trial against 4409 begins tomorrow!
Mesa Superior court
222 E Javelina Ave, Mesa, AZ
(602) 506-6186
September 21st --10:30am
Room 205
Judge Ronan
Its scheduled for 4 days
September 21st
10:30am - 12:30pm
Pretrial B.S. conference and Jury picks
Trial is suppose to begin
September 22nd --1:30pm trial continues
September 23rd --1:30pm trial continues
September 24th --1:30pm trial continues
I can't see this thing lasting more that a day or two but who knows..
I’m asking for everyone’s help to please show so they may see for themselves the waste of finite resources this trial is.
You will see their outright lies and distortions funded by your tax dollars first hand!

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Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Trial resumes at 1:30PM today with Det. Anderson finishing up.

Biggest surprises:

Prosecutor tearfully running from the courtroom with the judge ordering her to stay. 

Anderson admitting that with the evidence presented in court he would not seek an indictment today.  I suspect he will rap up quickly and a quick rebuttal.

 Then a Rule 20 motion to acquit without defense being presented.

Whether it is granted or not, I don't know.  I don't see how it can not be granted, but....

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Trial continues at 1:30PM today with Det. Anderson on the stand.  Shelton has done a very good job in defending himself against the charge so far.  He had close to a dozen supporters so far in attendance (second floor Rm 205).  This trial will almost certainly last through Thursday.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Trial management conference this morning is over.  Shelton made his objections for the record, and they were denied by the judge. 

 Jury selection will begin at 1:30PM today.  From a pool of 22, ten will be selected.

 The trial will begin tomorrow at 1:30PM. Two or three prosecutor witnesses. Defense may or may not start tomorrow.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Oh no way. Get ready for pain.

You malicious, maloderous, vindictive, perverted, inept little punks of pretenders to the movement had a smack down and you didn't invite old Oyate?

Fine you little selfish, self-serving creeps, exclude the old guys. Because you know I will spank all your assed and send you to bed without any dessert.

It's not that you are fighting and making the movement look bad, it's that YOU ARE LEAVING US OUT.


Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:


Its amazing how you assumed it was you whom I was referring to.

Comment by Jason Dimitrov
Entered on:

I looked at all those state composed mind numbing pdf's and still cannot understand what this case is about. A missing CD? Where does it reference anything about fraud, auctions, or libertarians?

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

If you want to know about the facts of the trial then I suggest you attend it.

Otherwise, >>>>"BALDY"<<<<...go troll somewhere else douchebag

Triple 9's

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:


Ohhhh man do we live in the world of assumptions and not facts!

First, I hope that you are not on the jury because of the look of it you already convicted me just because the state claims something on a piece of paper.

Second there was no auction. AGAIN get your facts straight.

Third, I'm NOT a libertarian.

Fourth, I'm NOT and anarchist.

Where do get these theories and assumptions about people?

You need to remove your tin foil hat :) 

Comment by Malcolm ID
Entered on:

Look Jason,

Don't act as if you are the innocent victim of State Oppression here.  Your case is there for all the world to see.

From the looks of it, you perpetuated a fraud in that auction.
Libertarians don't engage in fraud.

This isn't a sham; it's a legitimate prosecution.  Even in a state of anarchy, there would still be courts, and what you are accused of would STILL BE PUNISHED.

That being said, I hope for a fair trial for you.


Incidentally, why are you representing yourself?  Do you WANT to go to prison?

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

Dear Malcolm,

First, I never claimed fraud was a "frivilous" charge. In as much, no one is being charged with fraud.

Second, I said its malicious and the trial is a sham..

You're worse than the government. Please get your facts straight and try again!

Comment by Malcolm ID
Entered on:

Since when is fraud a frivolous charge?

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