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Arizona Breakfast Club - We Need a New Location

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'Hometown Buffet' has Closed and the 'Sweet Tomatoes' that wanted to host us can not get a crew in early enough to call it a 'Breakfast Club'. Soooo, I hope some of you have ideas. Here are the requirements...

1) Saturday Morning

2) Open doors by 8am (7:30am is even better)
3) The program begins at 8am and ends at 10am (room cleared by 10:30am)
4) We guarantee at least 20 people but need capacity for at least 80 (average is about 40+)
5) Buffet Style breakfast for less than $10 per person with Beverages included.
6) As close to Central Phoenix as Possible with access to Freeway preferable.
7) The room should be isolated so as not to disturb other patrons (we always have speakers that are often on a PA System).
8) Access to a Projection Screen is a plus but not a requirement.
I just got a call from the manager at Sweet Tomatoes in Central Phoenix telling me that he couldn't staff the meeting that early so we need to find something soon.
It has worked best in the past to schedule every First or Last Saturday of the Month. I prefer the First (easier to remember).

Please email your suggestions _AFTER_ you have talked to the manager and asked them if they can meet our requirements. Send me their contact info to

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Comment by Anonymous
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 I would also suggest HomeTown Buffet at Scottsdale just North of McDowell, They already host a group so they know the ropes.

Comment by Bozo theclown
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 Any local airports nearby? They usually have rooms for groups.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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I would go with Coco's on 7th street between Thomas and McDowell. This would be a great locale since it is centrally located and the food at Coco's isn't half bad.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Hometown Buffet

Scottsdale rd and Mcdowell

I believe this is where Ron Paul came to AZ for his first fundraiser.

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