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What makes Afghanistan "The place where empires go to die?"

Maybe it's the historic town squares where good friends, neighbors, and occupying armies gather for a great time dancing to the rhythm of bombs echoing off the canyon walls, the sense of satisfaction that comes with getting potable water to a restaurant you bombed this morning and the enemy will bomb tomorrow morning, or enjoying the latest in military hardware.

Maybe it's the endless opportunities to fine tune a lifelong passion for nation building, try something you've always wanted to try in your own nation, or just funnel the last of the Treasury through your political friends.

Or, maybe it is as simple as the song; "It's a little slice of paradise with sunshine and mines galore..." Whatever your retirement dream, you're sure to find it here.

Becoming an Occupier is simple!

The endless lifestyle opportunities in Afghanistan makes our community the most sought-after retirement destination in the world. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that after a day of fighting in the Afghan sunshine or an evening patrolling the town, there’s one very special place that every Occupier looks forward to going the most – the embassy. It's simple to become an Occupier…

Build Your Dream Embassy!

If you’re looking for that perfect combination in embassy features, our Political Package Program allows you to select the embassy site, the model, and the colors that you most prefer in your Hut, Designer, or Premier Series embassy. You can even reserve your embassy site for up to one year if you’re not ready to build today! What’s more, if you build your dream embassy in September, you will enjoy a 3% discount off the price of cost overruns! Get started by viewing the model selections in our embassy gallery…

Where hobbies come to life!

Our regional recreation concept puts all your favorite hobbies and pastimes right around the corner. Attractive, state-of-the-art Compounds, Village Centers, and Secondary Targets are right out your front door, each with their own unique offering of the fun activities that await you every day here in Afghanistan.

You can watch your personal crew demolish the existing infrastructure from the comfort of your own home. Then, receive daily situation updates while your crew attempts to rebuild and our friendly staff demolishes anything you accomplish as soon as you look away! Fulfill your life's fantasy of a never-ending reconstruction project.

Life Fulfillment While There's Still Life in your Empire!

Call Afghanistan today for a free informational package on all the exciting opportunities in this exotic land. Every caller will receive, as an additional bonus, a free DVD containing the intelligence documents you need to convince your cabinet to make the move to Afghanistan while other nations will still buy your bonds!

Don't wait! Begin your new life as an empire that has tried to conquer Afghanistan today!

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You forgot one salient and attractive sales point. We're used to HIRING our help for late-in-life care. In Aghanistan you can BUY PEOPLE OUTRIGHT for a few bucks. Obviously this produces massive savings.