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"Baseline Killer" - 2nd 'Notice of Claim' to be served on Phoenix Police Departmen

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2nd 'Notice of Claim' (Word Doc)

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Family of Baseline Killer Victim to Sue Phoenix Police
09-10-2009  •  FOX TV10 
PHOENIX - The family of a victim killed by the Baseline Killer is saying the city of Phoenix is responsible for their loved one's death. Romelia Vargas' family claims the Phoenix Police Department wanted to get all the credit for solving the Baseline killings, so they sat on key evidence instead of asking for help.
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'Baseline Killer' - Attorney opens his door to those that wish to Share Information
Ernest Hancock
   The "Notice of Claim" has been served. In less than 2 months the whole story will be shared with all via a court of record. Now is the time for those involved to share what they know. Sides are being chosen now.
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Justice Delayed Kills
09-08-2009  •  by Shanna Hogan (Times Publications) 
The key piece of evidence used to crack the Baseline Serial Killer case sat in an evidence locker for 9 months while 7 more people lost their lives.  Sources inside the Phoenix Police Dept. say that's just the crime lab's latest mistake.  Read Full Story
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Phoenix Police Could Have Prevented Mom's Death
09-10-2009  •  KPHO TV5 CBS 
A family of one of the victims of the alleged Baseline Killer is suing the Phoenix Police Department.
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Comment by Found Zero
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When second count, the PHPD will be there maybe never.

Maybe never.

For us indians, it's mabe never ever ever.

To THPD, you don't serve the people. I used to wear your patch but I ripped it off my jacket 2 years ago. We used to serve the people. Now you are a bunch of paid-for ass-clowns who have sold our your people for a PAYCHECK.

Howdy PAYCHECK. How is your life going PAYCHECK? How does it feel PAYCHECK?

I really want to know how your life feels now PAYCHECK now that you have sold not only one, but two of your heritage PAYCHECK.

I hope you take your PAYCHECK and choak on it PAYCHECK. And I hope you cash your check off reservation where your paymasters can cash your PAYCHECK because your money won't spend for nothing here.