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This is probably another Federal Grant stimulus scam...
I would imagine there are over 30 or more of these signs just in the Phoenix area at a cost of over 2.7 million dollars just on the signs alone. This does not include installation, poles wiring, and all the government BS fees. I would imagine they cost roughly 5 - 9 million to have installed and ready to go.
ohhhh wait Arizona is in a deficit and we have to sell the Capital to buy Snitch Signs...LMAO
Here is another example of a complete an utter waste of tax payer dollars....but it is a good way to herd the sheep.
I guess Daktronics bought off some Congressman.
They claim they are for traffic reasons but mark my words these signs will ultimately be used as Snitch Signs...Now they can also have the sheep look for code breakers.
They will send out the message for example -- looking for Red car with  plates HYT-452. This car has no insurance. If you see this car call annonymous 1-800--blah-blah.
I've actually seen these signs out in the middle of nowhere in central Arizona.
These signs cause accidents and cause traffic jams. People are rear ended all the time while others are trying to read those things. 
These signs are NOT cheap upwards of $85,000 each! 
Checkout the contract Daktronics has with the state of New Jersey...
They spent 1.8 million on these stupid snitch signs.

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Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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hahahahah --- Snitches get Stitches! 


I remember that one :)

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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Be on the lookout for RV with '4409' and 'Tasers R 4 Pussies' sign. Suspects considered Armed (with the Constitution) and Dangerous (with Bill of Rights). Snitch them out immediately...there will be a 'cookie' in it for you! Good Slave!!

 Cool music~ Snitches get Stitches! 

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