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2010 voting cycle planning event. a YOU SHOULD Meeting. DVD's $14.99/100

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We will be discussing what we want to have printed. Bring you designs!  Bring your YOU SHOULD's with you as this will be a rare occurance where we will actually be discussing "YOU SHOULD'S".  Click on the link above for the details.
BTW THIS WEEK FRY'S electronics has TDK DVD's on sale for 14.99 this is 5 dollars less than the lowest price we buy them for, so lets get them all! While your there get sleeves too.
Now get out there and rock and roll the bones...Get busy!


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 Unfortunately this is at the same time as the Madison school district meeting on the override vote. The Madison school district meeting is an opportunity for activists to DO rather than talk.  I'm torn because I want to come to the workshop, but I think my civic duty to DO grassroots activist work overrides the opportunity to TALK about doing stuff.


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