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This video is not advocating that you not pay your bills. This video is about a crop of Pirates coming up that are stealing property without judgments from a court of law!
This is just one of those pirates!
The video should be titled [Car Pirate Confronted] because the bank has to have "lawful possession" and a "lawful claim" in order to repossess something.
If you study banking you will come to realize that the bank NEVER loaned you anything....
Your signature created the funds which is a data entry credit. If you never payed the bank a dime they did not lose anything. Its a hard concept for people to grasp but it is true.
Look up the case in 1968 Min. when a guy beat a foreclosure due to the fact that the bank never had anything real put into the purchase. The bank lost, and the judge had a boat accident about 6 months later.
This jack azz and his company "MAY" have access to all personal information via his ALPR license place recognition software. I confronted this Car Pirate because he would not leave the neighborhood.
Tow truck companies STEAL cars all the time.
You can't take someones property without due process of law and doing so without a lawful judgement from a court of law is illegal!
Piece of advice if your car is ever towed by a private tow company:
1. Go down there and demand the property at once and request them to send you a bill.
2. If they do not then call the cops and the police will make sure the tow company turns over your property.
The tow company CAN'T hold your car ransom!
Even the cops know it's theft but they allow it up to a certain point!
Here is the scoop on the CAR thief:
single cab F350
Unit #12

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And nobody should leave out former Colorado governor, Eric W. Madsen, of Team Law fame at and http://www.teamlaw.met/ 


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Then there's Marc Stevens of Adventures In Legal Land fame at 

One of the best in areas of "patriot" thinking is Shawn Rice of 


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Tom Schauf has been helping folks cancel the fake lending institution debts for a couple decades or more. His website is: 

John Gliha, who lived in Phoenix for a few years, but may now be in Florida, has been helping folks cancel the fake lending institution debts for about a decade and a half. His website is: 


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