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Do Guns at Protests Keep Police in Their Place? from Phoenix to Pittsburgh

Written by Andrew Strmic Subject: Police State
Pittsburgh G-20 protest VS. Phoenix Obama protest

Phoenix Police respect the peaceful right of gun toting protester in Phoenix when Obama came to town with no incident or Police brutality.  When disarmed peaceful protesters show up in Pittsburgh to protest the G-20 summit the Police violently beat, tear gas, LRAD, intimidate, terrorize, brutalize, abduct U.S. citizens of Pittsburgh. 


            The Question is would have the Pittsburgh Police and Military violated citizens constitutional rights with brutal and excessive vicious force equivalent to Nazi Germany and Communist China if the Citizenry have had been armed with AR-15’s?


            In Phoenix, AZ the Police respected are rights to assemble and protest.  The last thing that the Phoenix Police wanted to do is attack armed peaceful protesters! In fact, the Police Dept. wanted to help and work with the gun toting protesters and ensure their right to be armed with guns in public, at the protest!    Armed Citizens not only make peaceful Citizens but keep the Police in their place by discouraging them from taking unconstitutionally violent and brutal police action against Citizens.


            Think about it, if people in Pittsburgh were armed would the Pittsburgh Police have shot rubber bullets or tear gas launchers at point blank young men and women even hitting people in their heads, causing bloody injury and bodily injury to students and peaceful protesters if they thought that the protesters had the ability to defend themselves.  Would the likely police or military provocateurs and anarchist showed up if they saw armed citizens?


            Pittsburgh is a great example of what Police will do to unarmed Citizens that protest, and Phoenix is a great example of the peace that prevails when armed Citizens protest.
G20 Police & Military Savagely Attack Peaceful Protesters In Pittsburgh Park

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Comment by Jeff V
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 for those of you saying this is what they want for us to armed so they have an excuse to take the 2nd amendment away let me say this: you don't have freedom period.

if you live in fear that the govt. can take it away, which they can't *legally*, when it is in fact an "unalienable right", than what exactly do you think you have as rights in the first place to begin with?

wake up ppl, you don't have to be a tin-foil hat type or anarchist to see what's coming, hell for that matter who woulda thought six months ago the very idea of a legitimate talk for a one-world currency would be in the news? you would've (and rightly so) been laughed out of the room.

whose laughing now? they are, so wake up already.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:


Yes... BUT

it also gives them a reason to bring SUPERIOR FIREPOWER... And they can afford it from stealing from you!

THEN, you get that situation where the protesters bring guns, the police bring BIGGER guns, and then their 'agent provacateur' fires from the crowd of protesters, and we have an event that dwarfs Kent State, and the Second Amendment is toast 'for reasons of Public Safety'.

Sidearms should be 'standard daily wear' everywhere you go, and that includes protests like those mentioned above and in the article.

I agree with Chris B. and his personal statement by bringing his AR-15, because that was him, as an individual, making his own statement - his own way.

I honestly believe that 50 protesters with assault rifles in Pittsburg at the G-20 is not only a BAD IDEA, it's EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.  They're dying to make a bad example of someone so they can demonize us completely, and accelerate the disarmament of the only thing that stands between Them and GLOBAL DOMINANCE - and that is the ability of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to defend themselves (and the World it seems) WITH THE FORCE OF ARMS against TYRANNY. 

Got Ammo?   : ) 

Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

Temper Bay, 

No insult intended but your last question is a moot point.  The real question is, do you think the cops put themselves in the demonstrators' place?  Obviously that wasn't the case. 

Furthermore, since when does owning a gun make someone a trouble maker or a hooligan?  What right does the government have to claim a monopoly on the use of force?  None that I can see. 

An armed society is a polite society and the G20 demonstration in Pittsburgh just goes to show you EXACTLY what happens when a populace is disarmed.

Those Jack-boots would have done Jack Shit if there were numerous armed citizens peppered throughout the protesters.  Ultimately, those cops were only thinking of themselves just like we would be.  Even more than that, screw them. 

Don't you think they would think twice before they batoned some young girl in the face if they thought for one second that her Dad or boyfriend might be standing 10 feet away with a loaded AK-47?  Most of them have families too and their first thought is like anyone else's; they want to live to see their children grow up. 

The time for niceties toward anyone who would choose to oppress us dangerously approaching it's bitter end.

I never advocate for force or fraud on another human being, but if someone messes with me or mine Dr. Dre sums it up best:

"Rat-tat-tat-tat tat ta tat like that, and I never hesitate to put a n*gga on his back"

Peace..........until they choose it not to be.  Then all bets are off.


Comment by Anonymous
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It would give the police, and everyone else there, something to be considered, and if the police thought those with the guns had the guts to use them, it would give them something to really think about before jumping.

In all probability the police would attempt to confiscate those guns - because hooligans and trouble-makers would mix in the the truly peaceful demonstrators. 

Put yourself in the cop's place; is the man with the gun a peaceful demonstrator, or a holligan determined to do damage? 


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